Sexuality's Call
(The Path Of Sexuality)

A short discussion on what happened to the sexual nature of Man as it descended into the lower physical realms of middle Earth. It seeks to teach the different aspects of each individual who finds themselves trapped upon a level of experience that is not natural to the frequencies of creation.

Sexual Continuum
(The Door Into The Physical Realms)

A discussion on the differences between what the laws of creation would have Man be, and what Man's free-will has determined. It seeks to teach the difficulty that happens when, by karmic birth, a man is trapped in a women's body, or when a women is trapped in a man's body.

Soul Mates
(The Other Half Of Me)

A discussion on the special division that happened when Man descended into the lower realms of physical Earth. It seeks to teach the special relationships that are a result of the separation of Man from his rightful place among the pure ones.

Steering Currents
(The Tie That Binds)

A discussion about the forces that guide the process of change. It seeks to teach the many different levels to creation, and how each of these levels were necessary before physical Earth could support life, as we know it.

Seven Rivers Of Creation
(The Seven Seals)

A discussion on the specific TimeLine that the TwinSpecies:Human followed when it descended into the lower realms of physical Earth. It speaks of how Man, as we know Man to be, became as he presently is.

Sentry & Sentinel
(Guardians of Creation)

A discussion on how some type of barrier is required in order to have differences in creation. It seeks to teach that without barriers... without limits, creation as we know it would not be possible. The discussion speaks of the special types of barriers... the special types of limits that are in place and the forces that guard difference within sameness--very specifically, the force that stands guard at the entrance to a level of experience, and the force that stands guard to prevent all residents of a level of experience from escaping that level until all Karma has been equalized.

Suicide Loop
(A revolving Door)

A discussion on a type of blasphemy called suicide... specifically, the fact that while one individual may commit many murders during a single life, at the end of that life's cycle, when murder karma is being equalized, each who have committed murder must end the murder cycle by murdering one's self. While an individual, during the cycle of seven lives, may commit murder more than once, at the end of the murder cycle, they will enter the suicide loop only once. This is because the horror of the suicide loop is so great... is so long lasting, once is enough to teach the individual the sacredness of life. The discussion speaks of other reasons for suicide, as well.

(Seed For The Power Of Language)

A discussion on the differences between two different types of written languages--the one being the written word, such as what is presently being read, and the other being composed of just pictures. The discussion seeks to teach the difference between a language wherein there is a one-to-one ratio between a label and its definition, as opposed to a language wherein the one-to-one ratio does not occur.

Song Of The Soul
(The Creation Of Man)

A discussion on the advent of the new creation--The Soul Of Man--, and how the New Covenant was visited upon the Earth. It tells the tale of how a great war that raged in Heaven resulted in the casting down of the Archangel Lucifer and all his followers. It speaks of how the fallen angels descended into the lower realms of creation to create their own little piece of Heaven... a Heaven that did not abide by the Grace of God's GreatForce. It speaks of God's plan to allow a path of redemption for the lost angels by allowing the Soul Of Man to become the sacrifice that would, in time, allow all the fallen angels to return into God's good grace.