(The Journey from Thebes)

A short discussion on the process of seeing parts of the future as it controls/modifies the creation of the past. Pharaoh Akhenaten experienced many visions during his lessons. Specifically, this vision instructs Akhenaten to leave Thebes, the ancient center of all Egypt.

(The first thought)

A short discussion on how Akhenaten's vision recounted the creation of The Soul of Man within which a fallen angel could reincarnate and become human... could retrace their steps of rebellion against the Throne of God to return to God's grace.

(Visions of Arkashea)

A shot  discussion about how the residents of Arkashea are to help each other understand the nature of Creation... specifically how there is a partnership between The Soul of Man and the Forces of Creation.

(The road to perfection)

A short discussion about the twin roads... each giving the difference between the road that leads to perfection and the road that leads deeper into the Earth Experience.

(LightWorkers along the Way)

A short discussion on the help one can expect as they live their lives.

(The descent of arrogant Man)

A short discussion on the descent stubbornness can bring to the Destiny of Man. It seeks to teach of the Oblivion Man condemns himself to if he refuses to learn the ways of peace.

(The judge of Man)

A short discussion about who or how the individual can be... or will be judged for their decisions.

(The judgment of Karma)

A short discussion about a man and his Karma.

(The self's battle with time)

A short discussion on man's limited time to equalize the karmic deeds of his past.

(The Battle of Male vs. Female)

A short discussion about how the descent of Man forced the creation of the Male and the Female.

(Abandon hope need not be)

A short discussion on how OtherWorld Teachers seek to teach the damned ones that they can find the road back to their Grace... indeed, they have not been abandoned even though they were cast out of Heaven.

(The Power of Language)

A short discussion on the power of language.

(The arbitrariness of Language)

A Short discussion about language.

(Another takes the Throne)

A short discussion of a transfer of power.

(Worship the teachings... not the teachers)

A short discussion about Worshipping the teachings... not the teachers.

(Man is 'One')

A short discussion about the Unity of Man.