Getting To Know Therry

Therry, a cloistered resident of The Monastery of Arkashea, had a Near-Death experience at the age of three when he was hit by a tour bus. He awoke in a "Hall of Lights," wherein beings of pure energy were massaging him into consciousness. They promised that in exchange for allowing them the use of the physical body, he would be taught the Laws of Creation sufficiently to allow him to reintegrate his past lives, much as a multiple-personality reintegrates his many personalities. The journey from Life to Death, and back left Therry with a unique understanding of the fabric-like nature of Creation. Having personally traveled his own time-line into mortality, Therry discovered that Death, as we know death to be, does not exist. Death is not the end, it is just the end of one-of-many earthly illusions. Since his journey beyond the arcane curtain which hides the truth about the true nature of Reality, three abilities are always with him. 1. He knows the cosmic truth about anyone who comes within his aura; 2. He is never without the lights--The Beings of pure energy are constantly communicating with him; 3. Since the age of three, Therry has not known the meaning of loneliness.

How does one begin to tell a tale that is more strange than most fiction stories? Nonetheless, this tale is about finding out that there is far more to the life and death process than most people will ever know, at least until they have experienced the same awakening, until they've made the same journey which the death process forces upon us all.

Imagine, if you can, what it would be like to discover that life, as we know life to be, is not really what life is. Still further, imagine the strange feelings that come with the discovery that death is not the end of everything; it is only the continuation of what is a very long journey through different types of time; wherein, each type of time [FabricTime and LinearTime] governs its own illusion of space. There are many who are alive today who have made this journey from life to death, and back.

Where is the best beginning? It's all so much like a circle. There are still memories that exists of being a very small boy playing ball on the lawn, somewhere in the back woods of Maine. There are memories of running out into the street to fetch the runaway ball. Then, the circle is broken. All that exists is a cold, dark presence--I've since been told by the Lights that the darkness is only the placental-type barrier that exists between what we call life and what we fear as death.

The next memories that come are the feelings of being gently massaged into consciousness. Beings of pure energy are all about. Their colors are unbelievable! The feelings seem to cycle between that of safety, purity, safety, awareness, safety, understanding, safety--then, a completely overwhelming love.

The realization soon comes that what is being experienced are not feelings, but communications from the pure energy Beings that are closest. There is a memory of "You have no body! How can you touch if you have no body?"

There is a memory of looking about, seeing lights of different colors. Then, a series of communications that we are in The Great Hall Of Lights; that we are in The City Of Lights; that we are no longer upon Lower, Middle Earth; that our awareness now resides upon Higher, Higher, Earth; that we are now a temporary resident of one of the nine energy zones of Higher Higher Earth.

The communications continued, without using words, that Energy Planes are a group of nine parallel planes wherein the Matter of Creation is pure energy; such that, each of the nine independent planes of existence is divided into energy zones which vibrate at a specifically unique frequency. It is the division into zones that allow existence of different levels to inhabit the same seeming space. The communication helped us understand the beings of pure energy who wore different colors.

There is a memory that as the communication continued, a calming effect was felt. We came to understand that it was the difference in frequency bands which separated the different levels of Energy Planes from one another. Again, it was not the presence nor the absence of frequencies which governs the existence upon these planes of existence, it was the difference of frequencies as these frequencies interacted with one another which governed the nature of existence upon the Energy Planes.

We came to understand that each plane of existence was, in fact, a part of the thread of physical creation; in that, it was the nature and form of the frequency of each energy level which gave rise to the different life forms which now reside on the lower physical planes. Furthermore, it was this difference of frequency from which Mobility got its power to animate, or to move the creations that reside upon the physical planes.

We came to understand that these energy planes, as are all other planes of existence, are within the Cocoon of Maya. What is important to understand from the human point of view is that existence upon the Energy Planes is, in and of itself, the highest energy state of Man within the Cocoon of The Grand Maya. With this understanding came a feeling that cannot be explained, even to this day.

The message came that if we were to understand the effects of the Energy Planes upon the lower Physical Planes, we must also come to know energy, itself. We were taught that energy, itself, was the prime substance from which creation was formed. It [energy] was that which was taken by The Neuter--Isis--from the un-ending sea of Un-created futures with which to build what we call the physical Universe. It [energy] is that special aspect of the Continuum of Force which can touch, but cannot be touched. As a part of MindForce, it [energy] can know, but cannot be known. As a part of LifeForce, it [energy] can cause change, but cannot be changed. As a part of Recursive Dialusion, it [energy] is seed for mobility, itself.

There is a memory of becoming excited along the thoughts of fear, only to again feel the comforting massage of the pure energy Beings until all thoughts of fear were gone. The feelings of safety returned even more than before.

There is a memory of feeling very tired. With that feeling, the massage changed to a different feeling. A type of sleep came over my awareness, wherein a dream became the source of my communications. In the dream, I saw a young boy playing on a lawn. I saw the boy run out from between parked cars, into the street, chasing his ball. I saw a tour bus strike the boy. Somehow, I felt the impact; then, darkness.

There is no memory of Time or Space; only of Being. The massaging into consciousness again returned. The dream had ended. Again, I was in the Hall Of Lights with the Beings of pure energy. I received a message, without using words, that I had just experienced but a few moments of my most recent life upon Lower, Middle Earth.

The feeling of absolute fascination took over. The thoughts of More! I want to know more! ran through my awareness. With the thoughts came another feeling of tiredness; another dream was forming within my awareness even as I sank into its illusions.

I saw a very long time tunnel whose frequency allowed only my presence. Within the dream I knew the tunnel was my private time-line into Physical Creation. It was like a reading of my Soul. It was like looking into my past and seeing my many lives, back-to-back.

In my dream I stepped back, back far enough to see the nature of the time-line. I saw a thread, one among many. With the vision of the thread also came the wisdom that each thread was an individual's time-line into the illusions of their Physical Creation.

The dream changed. I saw a long, long hall with many doors. With this new vision came the awareness that behind each door resided one of my past lives. I had the urge to look behind me, but I could not turn. No matter how I tried, I could not.

I remember the thoughts of Why. With the thoughts came the knowledge that what was behind me was my future lives, if I chose to have any; and, to look into the future was not presently within the order of my journey.

In that sameself moment came the realization that I had to be within the illusion of a present life to see into the future. I remember the feelings of confusion. Then, I remember darkness setting in. The dream was ending.

I again awoke into the Hall Of Lights with the feeling of wanting to help. There is no memory of where the feelings came from, but, they were very strong! There is a memory of tears that came from a state of absolute love of The All. With the tears came the communication that I was experiencing the Pain Of Love. I didn't care! I wanted to help!

There is a memory of wanting to strike a bargain. There is a memory that I should take care, because what I was seeking was a trap, albeit a holy trap. There is a memory of not caring about the trap. The Pain of Love seemed greater than ever before. I wanted to help others of my kind.

There is a memory that I could never again have freewill to dream the dream of my choice. There is a memory that I wanted the Beings of pure energy to always be with me, to guide my dreams for the benefit of others. Then, there is a memory that it was time for me to return to the dream that was unfinished upon Lower, Middle Earth.

Before the dream of Lower, Middle Earth completely took over my awareness, there is a memory of following my thread into physical consciousness; of seeing the illusion, the dream of planet Earth, as a whole; of seeing Earth's three major divisions of Lower Earth, Middle Earth, and, Higher Earth; of seeing that each was, in turn divided into higher, middle, and lower zones; of passing through each as I descended onto my home plane of consciousness upon The Earth Experience's Astral Plane Of Common Reality.

Then, there's a memory of a little boy awakening in the streets of his home plane of consciousness with people gathered about him. It was not the same little boy that was struck by the tour bus. The nature of the eyes were different-- the lights would always be with him, guiding the nature of his dreams.

It is said that if even a single element of truth that is now hidden in Man were to suddenly speak, it would unmask all of Man's illusions, thus forcing each individual to see himself as he truly is--to most, this would be a fate worse than the process of mere Death... And, from memories from The City Of Lights, all that exists upon the world of the physical are our thoughts, which have not yet solidified to create a reality... to The Presence we descended via the 'hell-of-our-own-thoughts' (meaning, from the nonphysical point of view, we have created our version of the physical Universe via the power of language and have consciously descended into it). Thus, we are now here. Indeed, we have created our dreams of the separation from the whole; and, we have descended into them; thus, with the satisfaction of the realization of our emotion, our very wish was granted... now, I Am That I Am... and, I am here.