Arkashean Q&A Session -- 063

JERRY: Wow, that puts a new spin one one's values, does it not?

THERRY: Yes, I guess it can... but, isn't that the whole idea?

CHARLEY: I heard... I read someplace that there is a special descents who came into the Earth experience just to be used as special teachers... Is that true... can you speak of them?

THERRY: Wow, I'm surprised at your question... not that many people are so well read.

CHARLEY: If I remember, they used a spider as their symbol of unity... I think, because like the spider, they held themselves apart... sort of in their own world.

THERRY: Actually, your speaking about an old... seldom known group of Arkasheans called BROTHERS OF THE CHAIN. Supposedly, they originally were Akhenaten's teachers. They were the more ancient Lemurian priests that resided in Akhenaten's ancient Temple of Light. It was they who taught Akhenaten the old religion of Isis.

CHARLEY: Yes, that's the ones... but, I don't know anything about the religion of Isis... can you speak on that?

THERRY: Let me think a bit... [long silence] Okay... In the old days, there existed an old tale about a new creation in Heaven...According to the tale, in the beginning... long before the creation of physical matter, there was a war in heaven over the nature of the new creation called Man. It seems, according to the tale of the ancients, that God gave this new creation a Soul... and the nature of the Soul gave Man the right to choose their own destiny... [freewill]. Well, according to the tale, that resulted in a war that was the cause of many angels being cast out... being cast down into the pits of oblivion. As the tale goes, since God is all love, He devised as way for the fallen angels to return to heaven. According to the tale, in an act of divine love, God asked for a sacrifice... And, without knowing any more, the new creation-- Man,-- volunteered [what makes this so important is that at that time, only the new creation had the ability to choose. All the other angels did not have the power of free choice].

According to the tale, God then took the new creation called Man aside and cast a special level of power over him. Immediately, the new creation called Man fell into a very deep sleep... and, in Man's dream, Man dreamed a dream of creation... a dream of a level of existence that was close to... but not within the boundaries of Heaven... a dream from which Man could not escape until the original cause was fulfilled. Thus, the dream of separation became the cause for the creation of a level of existence that became known as The Earth Experience.

Now the laws that governed that level of existence was very new to the times... basically, there came into existence a number of levels of control... such as:

  • The laws of Creation and their effects on that specific Universal dimension, as it applies to that specific Universe, and its dimensional boundaries along the Space-Time Continuum; we can sum this one up by accepting that it is the laws of Creation as they apply to the reality one finds oneself in, as opposed to simply the laws themselves. Man became aware that it was not the present nor the absence of the laws that help the power, it was the interaction of the laws as those laws interacted with the on-going needs of the moment of the individual that was being controlled.

  • The past effects of the individual's mind as it attempted to control the creative forces throughout Man's ascent to predominance; this one has to do with the history of the individual. Since Man operates on more than one level simultaneously, what he does on this level affects all other levels. In the process of evolving, Man has gone through many changes. What has occurred during this time, both on an individual and a species level has affected the freedoms of both, the species and the individual.... For example, when the species gave up human sacrifice in religious rites, it gained more freedoms, more opportunities to grow. Likewise, if and when the human race ever puts to rest the lust for vengeance upon others, it will have taken another giant step forward in its trip back to Heaven's Grace. It is possible, however, for individuals who are more highly advanced than others to gain more freedom for themselves than most of their fellows have.

  • And, the effect of Man's mind as it interacts and/or interacted with the Continuums of Conductivity, Receptivity, and Frequency, up to and including the level of Time, Space, and Motion; For now, let us just say that this has to do with the Creative Forces in terms of Man's descent from Orthodontiks. On a lower level, specifically, within each respective incarnation, the force called Freedoms is primarily imposed by:

    • The dictates of creation--the effects of its limits;

    • The respective limitations of each physical incarnation; specifically, the limitations of the body. Is it crippled? Is it well? Is it brain damaged?

    • The socioeconomic status of the individual within the drama;

    • The Prime Steering Currents that influence both Mobility and the Ability to learn; one of these Steering Currents is Automatic-pilot, and the other is the limitations of the physical body.

    • And, finally, those Relative-freedoms which are imposed by a direct, independent influence of the affinity toward the Neutralization of very recent Karma.

  • We need to pass through some type of DoubleGate that, by law, will allow passage into and out of the respective destination. As each seeks to pass this DoubleGate's guardian, each pilgrim Orthodontically self imposes a very specific set of laws which does both, makes demands upon our experiences, and limits the possibilities of our experiences. This special contract is called The Alliance Of The Rule.

  • We need to submit ourselves to be governed by the karmic laws that govern the respective level of existence. In effect, we can do anything we wish, as long as we are willing to play the price for the experience. In any case, the laws of Karma will not allow us to leave the level of existence until we have cleaned up after ourselves. [We are reminded of the law that states: "We can use the greatness of our hearts to forgive the harm and the imagined harm committed against us by others, and, in forgiving those who harmed us, we forgive ourselves from the wheel of Karma; But, Karma forgives nothing].

  • We must karmically self-impose a set of limits of what we can do and what we must not do while residing upon the level in question. This special contract is an important part of The Alliance Of The Rule.

  • We must agree to become a pawn in another's games to aid that other equalize their Karma. In so doing, the pilgrim often incurs Karma that is not of his own choosing. That is one reason why the Earth Experience is such a wonderful trap... Indeed, it has been said that there is a warning that is writ upon the door of Earth that reads: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.

  • We see that in order to experience any level, we need a Ka (a vehicle, or body, that is made up of the matter of that level). Just as every level is slightly different, so, too, will the Ka of each level be slightly different.

Of all the many laws of control that came into existence, the most binding was "It is The World Of Illusion which is the driving force for Reality; and, within that Reality, it is the level of observation which creates the phenomenon; and, within each phenomenon, it is the law of the moment which dictates the needs of the situation that brings forth the stage upon which we play our games; and, within these games, it is the interaction between the needs and the acquired needs of the Law Of The Moment which determines the roles we play in any given life; and, during any given life, it is the needs and the acquired needs of our dreams, of our hopes, and of our desires that will determine the interaction of the Six Points Of Power over our emotions within any given Illusion; and, with the satisfaction of our Illusions, The Magic Circle is fulfilled upon that level of experience."

As the dream of creation continued to unfold, Man discovered that each individual became a special vessel into which a fallen angel could reincarnate into; and, in this way, the fallen angel would give up his seeming Godliness of being eternal. Now, finding himself within a new creation... a creation that was trapped within a dream of separation,... a creation that was now heavier physical in nature... a creation that now knew the joy of life and the pain of death, the fallen angel acquired what he went to war for--a soul; but, since nothing is for free, the fallen angel was no longer an angel, nor did the newly reincarnated being possess any of the powers that he once had as an angel.

Yes, he now had a Soul... but, that Soul now demanded much from him... the Soul now demanded that the individual take responsibility for all of his deeds... both positive and negative. In time, the positive deeds became wisdom and knowledge as the new being grew towards a new type of spirituality. The negative deeds became ties that bound the new being deeper into the Earth experience... forcing him to reincarnate over and over until all the incurred karmic debts were equalize. Earth had, indeed, become a perfect trap. The Soul of Man forced the now reincarnated fallen angel to come to know that while it visited the higher levels of the Earth Experience, it was his thoughts that did bind him to his destiny... to his future experiences. Still, the Soul of Man forced the individual to come to know that while he was upon the Astral Plane of Common Reality, it was not his thoughts that did bind him to destiny... it was his deeds. Indeed, he found himself trapped within the Soul of Man... indeed, it was abandon all hope... so, Man learned to cry... so, Man cried loud, and long... but there was none who could, or would hear his cries.

The Sons of Oneness [Brothers of the Chain] looked down upon their counter-parts who were cast out; and they did perceive the nature of the cycles of Life and Death that did bind the fallen angels unto Matter. For, indeed, they were trapped in The Hell of their own thoughts. They were hopeless, and sightless of the Law in their graves.

Through the powers of Love, and, driven by the unison of will, much did the Sons of Oneness suffer as they did create a great ladder of themselves, to reach the very core of the Darkness of Man's dream of creation--the grave called Earth... the resident of the reincarnated fallen angels.

Armed with the knowledge of the veils of forgetfulness that divided each level of descent, fortified with their ability to remain slightly above the law that governed each of the nine levels of the grand Maya of Matter, certain were they of the subdivisions within each level, and, secure were they in their ability to communicate, The Sons of Oneness did arrange themselves such that a great Chain of Beings was forged from the highest to the lowest levels of the face of the Earth.

Each link of the chain [each individual Brother of the Chain, depending upon the level of awareness he chose to work on] remained far enough above the effects of the Law which governed each level that he retained continuity of the whole, but not so far above the law that each link did not experience the trap of the cycles of Life and Death that did bind the Soul of Man and the newly reincarnated fallen angel to his grave. Indeed, each Brother came to learn the nature of the reality of the Soul of Man, and the treasure that it held--a fallen angel.

Soon The Ladder [the great chain of beings] of forces discovered that as it also followed the descent of the Soul of Man into the grand Maya, less and less were the residents of the ladder able to influence the residents of each level. Until, finally, the darkness veiled all things.

Though the Soul of Man had eyes, they were, indeed, turned inward; he could see nothing but himself!

Though the Soul of Man had eyes, he could not see the brightness of his origins--the vision of his own illusions blurred all before him. Though the Soul of Man had ears, he could not hear the yearnings of his highest self which echoed the teachings of The Ladder--All Man could hear was the sound of his own voice as he wept for want to be freed from his own desires. Though the Soul of Man could feel, he could not touch, nor be touched by the Ka of another--all Man could feel was the ever growing emptiness of separation from The All. Uniqueness had, indeed, claimed its prize.

The light of each man became less and less bright as each lined his own grave with lies, deceit, falsehoods, murder, rape, pillage, war, and other games that served to further divide Man from his original greatness, setting each the other's nemesis.

The prime law which governed the nature of Planet Earth became Eat And Be Eaten, Kill, And Be Killed. Indeed, it echoed the symbol of its being--Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here! And, thus was it writ upon the door of the grave called Earth.

As The Ladder lowered its rungs of beings into the levels of their graves--the grosser Matter of Maya, more and more it became impossible to execute its task; for the darkness was sore upon the face of the Earth. Finally, at the end of The Ladder, it became necessary to give mobility to the last and most powerful link of the Chain--The Hound of Hell came into being.

As the Brothers of the chain linked themselves to help free the trapped ones, they discovered that the method they had to use to help each of the trapped ones was different. This difference came because each individual traveled a different path into the illusion of The Astral Plane Of Common Reality--the level of their grave. It was therein that Man claimed the prize of individuality--a seeming gift, but, in the same self moment, the great game which hid the curse of many traps--The law which was evoked to create became the self-same law which maintained the creation within the boundaries of its original creation.

If the Chain of Freedom were to have any effect upon the residents of The Grand Maya, it [the Ladder] would have to find a way of reversing the path which led to the original descent of the individual. Indeed, nothing is for free. The return trip into Heaven would be long and very difficult.

This, of course, meant that the individual would have to, of his own free-will, reject the values which he held upon his descent. It was discovered that the best way to accomplish this task was to have each individual, in turn, seek to become a co-worker with a member of The Brothers of the chain--a process which takes, at the very least, seven years.

During this process of seeking to become a partner with the Chain of Freedom, each individual was given a rare opportunity--he was allowed to remember forgotten information about the laws of his creation, and, he was shown how it was the forgetting of those laws that trapped him within his present illusion. Each, in his own turn had to, again, come to know the laws of his own illusion.

A most painful lesson that the Soul of Man forced the fallen angels to learn was how the laws of creation truly limited his right to choose. Indeed, the law echoed in the mind of many: You Become The Things That You Hate, As You Walk Towards The Things That You Fear! While the damned ones hated Man, the road to their salvation was to become Man. While the damned ones hated Man's Soul, that very Soul now held power over them.

CHARLEY: So, that explains why we are here... some of us... were here to be used by the fallen angels so they can regain their grace... I'm not sure if I like that... I don't like being used.

THERRY: Remember the contract that you made when you descended into the Earth Experience...? You agreed to become a pawn in somebody else's game. Tell me, what better way is there then to be in service of the Forces of Light? Is that not what freewill is all about?

CHARLEY: We'll have to speak more on this subject... but, I have to get to school... I'm late already. [Laughter]