Arkashean Q&A Session -- 079

DUNCAN: So would that separation of the LifeForce, the mind, and awareness, spring into being spontaneously?

THERRY: Yes. Those are the three things for creation at that point... awareness, mind and the life force, or mobility. In this case, the mobility... the individual's volition is what translates into [the] LifeForce/MindForce Pairing.

DUNCAN: So what's the difference between the mind and awareness?

THERRY: The awareness is the mind's ability to perceive. In other words, the mind is what is doing the work. Awareness is the result of what the mind is doing. Can you understand that? Just like--

DUNCAN: So its like the mind is the machine and the awareness is the product.

THERRY: Okay, that's a good way of understanding that. Limited but a good way. Another which is just as good, would be the carpenter as opposed to the cabinet.

DUNCAN: Okay. As there is but one LifeForce/MindForce Pairing, and, each individual sustains realities unique unto himself but not separated from all others. As there is but one LifeForce/MindForce Pairing, there remains a common reality, a common illusion where no illusion may be drawn for eternity for the rest of his time. Is not the source of that common reality that which is real, is that the common denominator?

THERRY: That which is real is real for all on this planet who are possessed of [the] LifeForce/MindForce Pairing. On planet earth, That which is real is the A Happening that everybody is looking at. It is what everybody else is interpreting. It is a fine tool from which and for which they build their reality. They get their building blocks from that which is real in order to build their respective realities.

DUNCAN: Okay. So what is the implication of that statement... "As there is but one LifeForce..." I guess that it's because there is only one life force that all the realities are bonded together, because all realities get their juice... their power from the same life force, and, all the building blocks for the creation of all the different realities come from the same that which is real... Still, I don't understand how the fact that there is only one LifeForce comes into it.

THERRY: The LifeForce has nothing to do with that which is real. They are two separate things. To understand, you must remember that there are more than three things being merged to create a new creation--LifeForce, MindForce, That which is real, That which is not real and Recursive Dialusion (law).

DUNCAN: But it says here, as there is but one LifeForce, each individual, each individual state of reality is unique unto himself but not separated from all others.

THERRY: Yes... It implies the pattern of having differences within sameness... Because, while each level's LifeForce is independent of that level's that which is real, it must submit to the needs of that level's that which is real. There are certain proponents of that which is real which guides each level's LifeForce and its essence to allow [the] LifeForce/MindForce Pairing to exist upon any given level.


THERRY: For instance, time, space, frequency... they all guide/modify the LifeForce of each level of existence, and, they all must submit to the needs of both Recursive Dialusion and that which is real on every level. Okay. Is that it?

DUNCAN: Yeah. To these ends, even the least of man, has reduced himself to his own Illusion. I'm not sure of the implication of the words to these ends.

THERRY: What does it say before that?

DUNCAN: It says that as there is but one LifeForce, there remains a common reality, a common Illusion, and no individual may be withdrawn for eternity from the rest of the time.

THERRY: Those are the ends that he is talking about. That which comes from the LifeForce can never be separated from the LifeForce and still continue. Whatever the illusion that it chooses for itself, whatever the experience, it is part of the whole. So long as it finds life it is still part of the LifeForce. Any questions?


THERRY: Okay. You have to bear in mind that when you are talking about humans, there is only so many things that can be influenced by steering currents. Among the aspects that can be influenced are the emotions... specifically, steering currents of the moment determine which emotion comes to rule which emotion at which time. Then, of course, the individual's thoughts makes a difference... if you are going to think gingerbread as opposed to peanuts in any given situation. Steering currents also influence the pairing of a specific thought with a specific emotion. Depending on what aspect of the steering current is in effect, the pairing is different. As an example, sometime you will pass by a bakery and the smell of it will bring one emotion, and sometime you will pass by that same bakery and have something else come into mind. So that difference is controlled by steering currents. Lets see, other things that can be influenced is various choices under limited freewill. Like for instance, you take two absolutely, totally identical twins, down to the gene even and yet one will live in Chicago and the other will prefer to live in New York. Again, that difference is steering currents. Basically, that's the primary effects. Of course, the steering currents include your behavior. You know it will influence your behavior because it influences your thoughts. It's like a domino effect.

DUNCAN: I always thought that your thoughts and your emotions themselves acted as a steering current.

THERRY: They are. They are secondary steering currents.

DUNCAN: So more or less, those are the steering currents that control your behaviors.

THERRY: Those are the steering currents that control your behavior. There's an average steering current. A royal steering current would come under that category there.

DUNCAN: This is a royal steering?

THERRY: Yeah, that's a royal steering current. There are very few Royal Steering current. So is this one of them?

DUNCAN: So what are the other ones?

THERRY: Well, everything in due time.

DUNCAN: Do they follow the same--

THERRY: Everything in due time?


THERRY: The average... the steering currents that are not royal or regal, whatever you want to call them. They are not controlled by Universe law as much as they are controlled by the role that you are playing within the scenario, within that drama. They are affected by time, how you deal with space and stuff like that. Whereas a Royal Steering current is independent of the drama, is independent of the scenario. It is primarily enforced by the LifeForce/MindForce Pairing as it applies to Karma.

DUNCAN: So this would be like a steering current on a higher level?

THERRY: Yes. It's a steering current on a much, much, much, much higher level. As a matter of fact, that would be... because it is a Royal Steering current, that would be the ruler or the governor of all the lower steering currents.

DUNCAN: Okay, and this steering current in particular can or will influence the thoughts, the emotions, and the relationships between the level and the neighboring steering currents and so on and so forth?

THERRY: That's correct.

DUNCAN: Does most people's thoughts and emotions pattern the steering current?

THERRY: No. That's a royal steering current. It affects the whole fabric of reality. You see when you get... you can usually tell if it is a Royal steering current because the Royal steering current has a big, big aspect of it which is freedom, whereas minor steering currents freedoms are not so prominent.

DUNCAN: What is this thing freedoms, freewill?

THERRY: Yeah, the amount of freewill you have in the lower steering current such as the Continuum of that emotion, there's quite a bit of freewill there, whereas in the Royal Steering current, you don't have that much leeway, it's predetermined by the LifeForce/MindForce Pairing and Karma and the laws of Creation based upon past decisions.

DUNCAN: Alright, so it says here that there are three components, the laws of Karma, which I think I understand, which is how much you have to do with Predestiny.

THERRY: Yeah, but you have to understand that on that level you're talking about the whole fabric of creation.

DUNCAN: So its mankind's Karma?

THERRY: Yeah. Its a Karma that's coming your way because you belong to the species mankind as opposed to you belonging to an individual. Again its a regal situation.

DUNCAN: So, this... We're more talking about why really, now there's substance... The way it is on this level, more than anyone striving for an individual--

THERRY: See, that's why in a Regal steering current that you have this freedom, because you have only a certain amount of freedom as to the predominance as that individual. That doesn't mean that the freedom halts at that level. Of course it filters all the way down at that... you have freedom and Karma as they apply to different groups of people, as to different country that you are living in, to the different time that you are living in, etc. They're all in that Regal freedoms.

DUNCAN: Yeah, but it says here, that third upon the influence on the role of sidereal, etc. Now that seems like it applies to the individual.

THERRY: That part of it does. That is your specific role in mankind's group, in the species. In other words, that's your contribution or lack of contribution to the species.

DUNCAN: Okay, could we actually say that included in that is your individual Karma and so on and so forth?

THERRY: Everything that applies to you as an individual independent of the species belongs to that small category. That's the personal Karma.

DUNCAN: Okay. Now what would this mean "the concept of freedom should be formed as a form of limitation as Orthodontiks self-imposed?

THERRY: First, you have to understand the definition of Orthodontiks.

DUNCAN: Will we find the word in the dictionary?

THERRY: No, you won't find it in a dictionary. Okay, now you're talking. Orthodontiks has reference to time. Well, not so much time as the state of existence. But still not so much a state of existence... its sort of a transitional halfway level of existence between two types of time--FabricTime and LinearTime relationship in the time/space continuum that uses each other as a reference, but yet it is independent of both. Lets see if I can... let us suppose that there is a mythical creation or a mythical entity that is capable of thinking... and, let us remove this entity from the effects of all time regardless of the level, and all space regardless of the level, such that the entity only depends upon itself for creation. It depends only upon itself for sustenance. It depends only upon itself for existence. And, let us say that this mythical creation is both solid and yet not solid at the same time, depending upon the needs of the illusion that it is serving during any given moment. Furthermore, let us say that this mythical creation can take stuff from one part of itself, convert it and feed it to another part of itself while it is in the service of a specially created bubble that houses a specific illusion whose needs it must moment to moment attend to. Then you will say that that mythical creation is limited to or resides in Orthodontiks time, because it is referenced only to itself. It is time independent of the locale, be it sidereal, be it level, be it whatever. It is a type of time that while it is dual in its nature, it is outside of time as we know it. It is independent of the passage of time; in that, in one domain, there is no passage of time while in another domain of itself time does pass. That's the best description of what Orthodontiks is that I can give you.


THERRY: Because the roots go back that far, when something is Orthodontiksly self-imposed, that therefore means that spark of creation which is the LifeForce is independent of all time and all space, it just is. And as each life form has that spark within it, as it descends into matter or the sidereal/physical dimension, it voluntarily places itself under the rule that applies in the physical Universe, hence it is Orthodontiksly self-imposed. A lot of garbage, but its the only way that it can be said.

DUNCAN: Then why is it a form of limitation?

THERRY: Well, in terms of limitations being freedom, there's a seeming parody here. Strange as it seems, the only way to get to absolute freedom is to have absolute control. The more control there is in the environment, the more you know what to expect with everything that you are dealing with, and hence the freer you are dealing within those limitations. If you have not been controlled, then you do not know what to expect and consequently, you limit yourself considerably more. I think one of the easiest and the best way to understand Orthodontiks is the state that whereby, while you exist by both time and space you are governed by neither time, nor space. As a matter of fact, time uses space as a reference point and space uses time as a reference point for any of the things that you want to do.

DUNCAN: No, I can't.

THERRY: You are above the effects of both. Well, see you have to bear in mind that space is a still-short on time.

DUNCAN: I know you told me that but really--

THERRY: Well, see time and space is a continuum. There are both the same and time is not steady as science is saying it is today. Time is choppy. There's borders.


THERRY: Well, it can be looked at as A/C but its more than that. There are four types of creations in the time concept. One called FabricTime, one called LinearTime, one called FabricSpace, and one called LinearSpace. The possibilities of each is different. Each serve a different job in the creation of all that is. And, in a strange weave, each becomes the corral to house the other. In the FabricTime domain, time does not pass, it just is. The A Happenings are limited to whatever illusion is painted in the moment's bubble of FabricSpace. In this domain, all residents share the same illusion; in that, there is no claim to uniqueness to bring differences into the weave of the moment. It is a domain where there is only Universal Mind... It is the domain that is home to MindForce. It is a place wherein the residences have no effect on what the illusion of the moment paints in the bubble of FabricSpace. All residents only share in whatever is painted there. In that domain, there is only Unity.

However, because of the interaction of two great Royal Steering Current that says: The Creation of The One Is, In And Of Itself, The Implication Of The Other, and, That Which Exists Within The Chi Shall Exist Dual In Its Nature, But Triune In Its Effects, Unity recursively had to become dual in its nature, but triune in its effect.

Thus, the opposite of what was in [the] FabricTime domain came into exist within [the] LinearTime domain.

Wherein FabricTime there was only The Now, in LinearTime there came to be a past, a present, and a future.

Wherein FabricTime time did not seem to pass for the residents of the domain, in LinearTime, the reference points of past, present, and future gave the residents of the domain the illusion of the passage of time.

Wherein the FabricTime domain the residents of the domain had no effect upon what would be painted in the bubble of the reality of the moment, in LinearTime only That which is real was painted in the illusion's bubble of the moment's reality. This limited painting created a stage called Common Reality upon which each resident of the domain could finish the painting of the bubble's reality to respond to the needs of his own illusion, independently of the illusions of the other residents of the domain. Among other changes in this new domain, the claim to uniqueness came into being. What was painted in the bubble of LinearSpace's illusion of reality was no longer being totally controlled by the on-going A Happenings of LinearTime. It was now controlled by the interaction of the needs of LinearTime and the individual's need to satisfy the requirements of his own illusion independently of the requirements of the illusions of the other residents of the domain. To accomplish this, and to meet the requirements of the interaction of the great Royal Steering Currents, three new creations came into being--The World of Alfa, The World of Beta, and The Astral Plane of Common Reality..

DUNCAN: Can you explain each?

THERRY: Okay, The World of Alfa is a special bubble wherein each resident of the LinearTime domain resides. The residents of each World of Alfa know the effects of time, but know not the concept of space. There is only one resident within each bubble. All the different residents of the LinearTime domain resides within its own bubble... and, all of these bubbles are called the individual's World Of Alfa.

Now there's an unusual implication is this. There's the implication that while each resident of the LinearTime domain still are possessed by [the] LifeForce/MindForce Pairing, that part of the LifeForce/MindForce Pairing that belongs to MindForce resides in the individual's World Of Alfa and, that part of [the] LifeForce/MindForce Pairing that belongs to LifeForce is limited to having its experiences in The Astral Plain Of Common Reality... as a part of the domain's That which is real... Strangely, it is MindForce that knows time and alter-realities, and it is LifeForce that knows space.

SKIE: And The World Of Beta?

THERRY: Okay, to understand the World Of Beta we must understand that each of the different parts of ourselves live upon/within a different level of existence. On the lowest level--the Astral Plain of Common Reality-- we say that our MindForce inhabits our LifeForce... our physical body... our Ka. It has its experiences via the interaction with others of our kind and with the environment within which we live... We play out our hopes, our dreams, our desires, our attachments and our wars... all within the LinearSpace stage, wherein we are born, we live, and we die.

On the next level up--The World of Beta--we find that we no longer have the same LifeForce that we had before the death process snatched us from our safe World of Alfa... from our however rocky stage of common reality. We find that we now inhabit a much finer LifeForce--our Ba--that makes it possible to walk through the barriers that once limited us in common reality, but still limits our mobility within our World of Beta. We discover that while the bubble's illusion of common reality no longer interacts with us... while the residents of common reality no long recognizes our existence, neither does common reality's barriers bar us... again, we know the true meaning of the claim to uniqueness--indeed, without the ability to interact with the other residents upon a common stage, we are, indeed, alone! Indeed, we discover that we are the only resident within [the] World of Alfa. While we still are possessed by a LifeForce/MindForce Pairing, that part of us which belongs to LifeForce has no stage upon which to play out its drama.

DUNCAN: And, to meet the needs of the World of Beta, each entity strives to return to the comfort of a World of Alfa by reincarnating.

THERRY: You know know about Common Reality, so I don't have to get into it.

DUNCAN: Well, why is that it always seems like down here that most people's viewpoint it seems like space is different?

THERRY: Cause that goes back to your freedoms.

DUNCAN: So you limit yourself to your freedoms.

THERRY: See, once you've got this level and you've allowed yourself to reincarnate into the physical, you've lost your freedoms as it reflects to time, but you've maintained your freedoms as it references space. As a result you have mobility in space but you're lost in time.

DUNCAN: But its not going to be going through time but you--

THERRY: You move through time but you move through time as the laws point of view. It's like having your bubble of reality being caught in a huge river... being dragged by the current and all the while, your bubble of reality is bumping into all the other resident's bubbles.

DUNCAN: What is law's point of view.

THERRY: Well, it is time that controls all things under this category. Time progresses, it passes or moves on at a specific frequency and you're governed at that frequency. The reason being that you use a portion of the LinearTime domain that you're in and LinearTime is in total control of that domain. All changes that occur within that domain is controlled by time.

DUNCAN: Well, I can understand how you can move through space and not through time.

THERRY: You'd have to ask a specific question because that's too general.

DUNCAN: Well, I don't know, I don't know how I can really understand that. I mean...

THERRY: Understand what?

DUNCAN: Time and space and how they're the same thing. And even if I do understand that--

THERRY: For lesson two its an exercise in futility to understand it.

DUNCAN: What do you mean by that for lesson two?

THERRY: Well Lesson Two is a very beginning lesson.

DUNCAN: Alright so its says here, it is universally self-perpetuated. So that just means that I can think that its self-imposed Orthodontiksly, its Orthodontiksly self-imposed--

THERRY: Well, even though the awareness factor has Orthodontiksly self-imposed a condition upon itself, when it descended there was an additional condition imposed depending on which state it descended into and which dimension within that universe. That specific state perpetuates what it is. Another form of that same thing. Its the law that the very force that places you there is the very same force to keep you there. For instance, the force that was used to place a planet in orbit is the same force that keeps it there. It is universally self-perpetuated. I guess its more permanent or more apparent in the species man, because of its base awareness, the fact that the laws that man uses to place itself in the cocoon of Maya is that same laws that keeps it trapped within that scenario for the wheel of incarnation.

DUNCAN: How does one get free?

THERRY: By becoming aware of that law... by being able to direct the forces that breaks the spell.

DUNCAN: So the laws of creation and their effect on that specific universal dimension as it applies to that specific universe mentioned boundaries along the specific time space continuum.

THERRY: The situation that you find yourself in depends on the state of descent and the level of descent. That comes under or falls under the law, the level of observation creates the phenomenon. Or in this particular case, the laws that govern you or that particular part of that set of laws that govern you depend on what state you're in. 'Cause they control the effect or the limitations of the domain's time and space.

DUNCAN: How about this one? The past effect of the particular individual's mind has tended to control the creative forces throughout man's sense of predomination-- How does that affect his freewill?

THERRY: Well, that has to do with personal Karma... and, past choices.

DUNCAN: Personal Karma?

THERRY: Yeah. Not only personal choices, but its personal Karma as it interweaves with the species' Karma.

DUNCAN: I don't understand how all of a sudden in the midst of this Royal Steering Currents you can just throw in things to do with personal experience.

THERRY: Well, its not strictly just personal. Its personal as it relates to species. Its where the two begin to merge... begin to separate from each other.

DUNCAN: So depending on what you did, that'll limit your freedom.


DUNCAN: And depending on whatever everybody is the species as the whole, that'll limit their freedom?

THERRY: Did you ever think of... if you think of the broad of mankind, some people are just normally smart, others are dumb as hell, and they won't learn regardless of what they do. Some people are almost stupid enough to leave their hands on the fire if they feel the pain and just be angry and won't even bother removing it. Others wouldn't put their hands there anyway. That has to do with that. Another way of saying that is that it depends a lot of which particular point of development that you happen to find yourself in.

DUNCAN: Is the point that you find yourself in... is that governed by your past deeds.

THERRY: By your past deeds and by the Royal fabric so to speak.

DUNCAN: How about this--the effect of man's mind as it interacts with Continuums of conductivity, receptivity, and frequency up to and including time, space and motion.

THERRY: Alright, that has to do with the-- we were talking a little while ago about how the species Karma is merged with and begins to separate from individual Karma. Well, along in that same vein, each individual has his own role to play within the fabric of the whole. Well, if you look at strictly the individual's role, then you have a very specific set of limitations via freedoms or freedoms via limitations. And those limitations become a prime steering current or prime force to direct or either oppose or aid that specific mind force to go into a very specific force toward the continuum of development. Another way of looking at it is--

DUNCAN: I lost you somewhere.

THERRY: Now its pretty difficult to explain in a simple way other than just say that it is personal Karma.

DUNCAN: Well how does conductivity, receptivity, and frequency have normal with Karma?

THERRY: That's the whole fabric of creation.

DUNCAN: So where do we get into conduct of it all?

THERRY: Cause they're all levels. Conductivity, receptivity, and frequency, up to and including time, space and motion, that's a very specific band of a very specific continuum. Its a level of creation or a band of levels of creation. And it applies very specifically to each individual independent of the whole... but yet, it's their deeds as a result of interacting with the whole. But that is held against the individual and not against the whole species.

DUNCAN: Okay. So that's another-- that's another thing that has more to do with personal Karma.

THERRY: Understand that personal Karma has an awful lot of levels to it, because of it deals with the fabric of creation and not strictly the limitations of the individual. But in Lesson Two we need not worry about dissecting personal Karma.-- at least not any further than we have in trying to understand the Royal steering currents.

DUNCAN: How does that fit in the discussion?

THERRY: You brought it in when you asked the question. It is pertinent to Lesson Two.

DUNCAN: Within each respective reincarnation--


DUNCAN: Within each respective reincarnation, the force called creativity is primarily opposed by the dictates of creation.

THERRY: Okay. Do you understand what we've been doing thus far? Any questions.

DUNCAN: I understand. No questions.

THERRY: Alright, go ahead.

DUNCAN: We discovered that each symbol has its own meaning deep within the human psychic.

THERRY: Okay, that for now, I think it's best for us to pass. We'll discuss that one later in a separate lesson. That deals with the power of language, itself.


THERRY: For now, let us simply say that the symbol is a part of language. Every time you say no to something, at the same moment, you are saying not no to many other things. Every time you say "Yes" to something, at that same moment, you are saying not yes to many other things. Every time you say "Yes" to one level, you are automatically saying "No" to other levels. And vice versa. Example, "You want coffee ice cream?" "No." That means you don't want coffee ice cream, but its possible that you want some others. And it can also mean that you don't want any others. It could mean you don't want ice cream. There are many different levels. So each symbol has one primary meaning that everybody agrees upon. We call that denotative meanings. But in addition to that, it has many private little meanings that are different for everybody else. We call that connotative meanings. In addition, to that it has other secret meanings which we call "psychic" meanings. In addition, to that it has levels that has special aspects to that. We call that archetypes. But we'll discover that more later.


THERRY: Okay, alright. Any questions?


THERRY: Alright.

DUNCAN: We discovered these meanings were unconsciously engraved upon the slate of fear that lies deep in the reaches of man's roots of awareness of the beginning of --

THERRY: That part will all come with the other part, so we can skip that part.

DUNCAN: Okay. Akhenaten's visions revealed that when God created matter, the LifeForce was created in the selfsame manner.

THERRY: Now could you understand that?

DUNCAN: That the two go together?

THERRY: Right, you can't have one without the other.

DUNCAN: You can't have the LifeForce without matter?

THERRY: Its not that you can't have one without the other, as much as when we experience the LifeForce/MindForce Pairing, it will always be intertwined in matter. In order to experience life, it must be experienced on its own level. Hence for instance, a linear wave can only be experience by another wave of that same magnitude. Each experience can only be experienced by its own level. Hence in this gross matter, we have a physical body. The next level up, lets say we call it the beta system, we have the beta body. The next level up, we have a difference vehicle to experience, which is solid within its level. One frequency is solid to another frequency of the same kind. And that's basically what we're talking about.

DUNCAN: Thus the pattern continued in all facets of creation. I guess that's what we just talked about.

THERRY: Right.

DUNCAN: The continuum of duality linking all that creations together like a gigantic weave encompassing the whole universe at all levels and utilizing all patterns as though they were but one.

THERRY: Okay, we spoke of that a little while ago. If we have a fabric in front of you and you choose one specific spot to press in, are you not going to disturb many things that you are not even touching? Life is that way. D'you understand that part? Okay? No questions?

DUNCAN: No. I guess I'll save them for another time. There's other things that I'm going to have questions about.


DUNCAN: In the eons of time that followed, the pattern of creation continued. Only more specific to a change before the pattern foresees itself on another level.

THERRY: Do you understand what that means? That's the creation of another continuum. D'you understand Continuums?


THERRY: Okay, continue.

DUNCAN: Thus was it that the original pattern continued before bringing about diversity that would itself create multi-states of awareness within the LifeForce/MindForce Pairing.

THERRY: D'you understand that?

DUNCAN: I guess -- it's different levels of reality... and using different life-forms, as well.

THERRY: Right, its a continuum, where each is changed slightly, reused to make the next down, to right across its barrier. Okay, go ahead.

DUNCAN: As the pattern of diversity continues, the levels of creations also continue. Matter became more gross.

THERRY: Can you see that what they're doing is that they're going from -- starting from higher energies going down towards the final rest. Okay.

DUNCAN: Finally, the physical universe as we know it came into being. If its creation came off of a pattern of multi-states of matter, thus we have the solid, the liquid and the gas.

THERRY: D'you understand what that means?

DUNCAN: I understand multi-states of matter, but I don't understand the significance of it.

THERRY: Well, all matter, all creations can be in more than one form, but it is still the same different creation, thus the pattern that water-- you can find water as a solid, you can find water as a liquid, and you can find water as a gas.

DUNCAN: yes.

THERRY: While they will react differently within their environment, because it requires a different environment for each case, it is still just water. Likewise, if you have the ability to be aware, well, it's obvious, that your awareness factor on this level is going to be different from that which is on higher levels... and more different than if its Astration or projection. But its still the planet. There's only one set of laws... it's still awareness.


THERRY: Okay. Understand it?

DUNCAN: Yeah. But more important, we also have the inanimate or animate states of matter.

THERRY: Do you know the difference between those two?

DUNCAN: Inanimate has no awareness and no ability to reproduce and no mobility.

THERRY: Right.

DUNCAN: Akhenaten was taught that the original pairing of creation continued, it folded upon itself to continue the continuum of diversity.

THERRY: Do you understand that?

DUNCAN: No, I don't think so.

THERRY: Okay. It is the original pattern that they had called the figure one. The figure one folded and mirrored itself, so now you have two forces. Each is slightly different than the other. Each is opposite than the other. The two forces combined to create a third which has proponents that were different from either of the two. So now you had three forces and so on, and so on, and so on. So out of one you had myriad. As you keep recombining and reaching, changing you continue, but it follows the same pattern. The only basic difference is here you can always get back to the original, whereas on the original level you can't. Once you combine the two you seldom can get back to the original two or the original one. But within these levels you can.

DUNCAN: Which levels?

THERRY: Psychic levels, the laws of creation -- you can.

DUNCAN: Thus the force of life and the grossness of matter is combined.

THERRY: Life upon the physical came into being.

DUNCAN: Thus the great Pharaoh Akhenaten received the manner in which God's law created its most favorite creation, life.

THERRY: You understand the laws of creation?

DUNCAN: Pharaoh came to realize that other manifestations of the continuum of life was in the form of the plants, the insects and other forms of manner. Pharaoh was instructed that many other forms of life exist-- forms that were too small to see, too strange to perceive, and too large to perceive or recognize.

THERRY: D'you understand that? The key here is that we say forms of life. That means that which has awareness. The microscopic world is just one of it. What about the psychic world?

DUNCAN: Well, I don't understand why they say too strange to see.

THERRY: How many people do you know that are quite comfortable with psychic phenomenon?

DUNCAN: Comfort has nothing to do with it, why should it be too strange to see.

THERRY: Because that most people reject and refuse to believe the existence of life on other planets -- too strange to believe?


THERRY: Don't they-- do most people reject the existence of life on alter-realities.


THERRY: -- too strange to believe.

DUNCAN: Okay -- .Pharaoh was instructed that life was but a parasite that received its sustenance from a larger form.

THERRY: Okay. D'you understand that?

DUNCAN: I'm not sure.

THERRY: Okay. Isn't it true that life feeds upon life?


THERRY: Isn't it true that regardless of our claim to human being, if you put him under an electron microscope or whatever, you find all kinds of parasites?


THERRY: Isn't it also true that man himself is a parasite on the planet earth?

DUNCAN: Okay-- Akhenaten was visited with instructions that brought forth great thoughts of Arkashea.

THERRY: Now that-- you understand that, right?

DUNCAN: I don't know.

THERRY: He was introduced to Arkashea. He got the law.

DUNCAN: His teacher within his vision said unto him that surely with the advent of life came a sudden surge of a totally new energy-- thought-- the ability to think for the sake of itself.

THERRY: The first thought, right?-- hence Arkashea. And the first proponent of the steering current, right?

DUNCAN: Again, surely with the first thought came another totally loose form of energy-- emotion -- the ability to feel deep inwardly about the use of symbols.

THERRY: Isn't that mobility? And therefore the second proponent of the steering current?

DUNCAN: I don't know. I thought emotions?

THERRY: They are, they have a number of them. That's why they are so important. It is what which gives mobility to all things. It is the active part. It is the act of being driven... of doing.

DUNCAN: Emotions?

THERRY: Emotions. When you Astrate, when you travel, your power comes from your emotions. When you cry for love where's the power coming from?


THERRY: Very rarely do you have emotions. So that's the second current. And isn't it also the second proponent of the steering current?


THERRY: Questions?

DUNCAN: None that I'll ask for now. Tomorrow, then we can discuss them.

THERRY: Okay. That's it, so we can get through this. That's it? Alright! Do you have anything you want to ask before we finish up this?

BLAKE: Yes, I'd like to go on a different tact, if you don't mind.


BLAKE: Uhhm--It says here that a role is a part or a purpose or a function that is served by the interaction of time, space and mobility. I am wondering if you could clarify what that means--the interaction of time, space and mobility a little bit.

THERRY: A role is--you might well say that it is a part that is played by either a person or a deed or some type of action within a situation that an individual has to handle. An example might be that in a car accident, a slippery road might be a role.

DUNCAN: A slippery road might be a role?

THERRY: Yeah, that's the part that the road played to create the condition. Another might be that the driver might be drunk within the scenario--or maybe another car suddenly came out from nowhere, causing you to swerve. That might be a role that is played within the situation. 'Cause you have to remember that situations are made up within a collection of roles which creates the situation that might have to be handled.

DUNCAN: So it doesn't have to be a person then?

THERRY: No it doesn't have to be a person.

DUNCAN: That's where time, space and mobility comes I guess?


DUNCAN: So this lesson is more or less--

THERRY: Well, normally people look at roles at being filled by people, humans. That doesn't have to be.

DUNCAN: Well, alright I think I understand a scenario, but as far as a drama, what does that mean when it says a series of events relinquished to time's presence?

THERRY: In a drama--a drama is a collection of behaviors, and an interaction of roles to create an A Happening. Now that A Happening does not have to be created instantaneously. That is all parts and all roles need not come from the same time or the same space or the same level. For instance, if an individual were caught in a cycle of reincarnation in a specific deed where Karma demanded that an individual take care of a certain thing, well the seed of that A Happening would not be in the same time, it would be from a time in the past and that's why.

DUNCAN: What's the difference between a scenario and a drama then?

THERRY: I think that that was already self-explained. Read the definitions that are there.

DUNCAN: A scenario is the outline or script of a cycle of life extending from a moment to moment interactions pursuing satisfactions of needs, acquired needs and fantasies with details of the situation and all their implied ramifications, both in past and in present or as in the future.

THERRY: Right. So its telling you there that a scenario is dealing with a life--you know its a span of awareness, a span of time within which you interact in. The drama on the other hand was the things that occurred during that time.

DUNCAN: The drama is the things that occurred?

THERRY: Read the definition of the drama.

DUNCAN: A series of events related to time's presence.

THERRY: Right.

DUNCAN: The moment of interaction.

THERRY: Right. Let me see if I can give you an example. In this life a person is born, he lives, he has experiences. Those experiences effect him in certain ways, then he dies. The scenario was the whole script. The drama was the little experiences that the individual had.

DUNCAN: Okay, so the drama is the A Happening and the --.

THERRY: The scenario--

DUNCAN: --scenario is like the plot.

THERRY: The plot, yes.

DUNCAN: But the drama is the actual A Happening, right?

THERRY: Yeah. As a matter of fact that is a good way of saying it. The scenario is--I guess we'll just leave it the way it is because if we just add on to it, it just may end up confusing you.

DUNCAN: Well, I thought that now I understand it then I did two years ago. Oh, okay, games, I wanted to discuss more carefully exactly what they are. Can you say that anything you do is a game since it's an interaction with a reality?

THERRY: No. Ah, interacting within reality is divided up into different sections. That which necessitates or is necessitated by Karma, Predestiny and games.

DUNCAN: So, games implies free will.

THERRY: Yes, games implies freewill, to a degree.

DUNCAN: Why is it--I don't know--This might be a stupid question, but why do they use the word games? Is it good?

THERRY: Well, the phrase was coined by Dr. Barnard or something like that. The people who wrote, Games People Play.


THERRY: And incidentally, we use his definition of games, because games must be unconscious and they are designed for destruction's sake.

DUNCAN: Do they have to be unconscious, or can they be not truthfully? You know, like an ulterior motive--like you might know but you won't let the other person know it?

THERRY: We use it that way, but he does not.

DUNCAN: I thought he did, but I'll have to check I guess.

THERRY: We have broadened his definition.

DUNCAN: So what's our definition?

THERRY: Games?


THERRY: The interaction people chose out of their freewill.

DUNCAN: So it has to be for destruction's sake?

THERRY: But it has to be for destruction's sake. So in that case, in order to be a little more accurate, you'd have to say that reality's interactions are divided into three areas: Predestiny, freewill and growth.

DUNCAN: Freewill being in this case a synonym for games? So you don't consider growth games?

THERRY: No, I consider growth behaviors which are designed to release you from games.

DUNCAN: Now, I'm confused because it seems like I'm getting information that I didn't get before.

THERRY: Why should that confuse you?

DUNCAN: Because its in direct opposition unless I'm misunderstanding.

THERRY: How so?

DUNCAN: Because I remember when I first got here and we talked about games and I asked you about growth and you said "Yeah, its a game. Its just that its a positive game, but it still a game."

THERRY: That's the general pattern. All life's interaction is a game because you are simply swapping a lower game for a higher game. Same way as in life you are swapping a lower illusion for a higher illusion. So long as there is a physical plane that you are in, regardless of what dimension or regardless of what level you're still swapping one illusion for another, so in that grand sense, your original information is still correct. But now we're getting into specifics, so you have to set aside that and go within the boundaries of the original definition.

DUNCAN: So this is another level of being.

THERRY: Yes. The original definition is still correct.

DUNCAN: Well--

THERRY: You have to understand that we have prefixed this particular conversation by saying that within the framework of this particular reality, that limits us to the common reality, the common awareness of the physical planet earth. Obviously, there's a hell of a lot more to reality than just that. So we've set limits, we've set boundaries, and it is within those limits that we are speaking of now.

DUNCAN: Well, in this definition that I have, in the broader sense, where it says that a game is any scenario wherein there is an interplay between life and its process--

THERRY: Well, that definition and stuff does not have these limitations.

DUNCAN: Right, I understand that.

THERRY: Right.

DUNCAN: But, this is what I had in mind, but maybe I didn't communicate that to you.


DUNCAN: But that's what I had in mind.


DUNCAN:--games from that sense. Now, so any scenario--that's why I asked you in the beginning


DUNCAN: Almost anything you do from this definition-- agrees--


DUNCAN: --with any interaction.

THERRY: Yes. Because its always a thing of swapping one illusion for another.

DUNCAN: So they call them games because it is arbitrary which one you choose, is that why its called a game? I'm trying the understand the significance of describing why it is called a game.

THERRY: On that level we call it a game to make it easier to handle, but its really not a game, its really an illusion.

DUNCAN: Alright, that's enough of that unless--

THERRY: See, we really should differentiate between the two, because when we speak of games, we are really speaking of within those limitations that were set.

DUNCAN: See I never knew that until right now.

THERRY: Okay. Now you know.

DUNCAN: So how about this, going back to the definition of reality.

THERRY: Reality is still the same, regardless of what level you are in. It is the interaction between that which is real and that which is not real.

DUNCAN: Right, but within that, within these things, what about reality. It says that illusions are the components of a game.

THERRY: Right.

DUNCAN: --well in which sense is the word game being used there?

THERRY: In the proper sense.

DUNCAN: Well both are proper.

THERRY: Yeah, but there are games on this level and there are games on that level. And if you want to differentiate between the two, you can call one games and the other illusions, because it all depends on what point of view that are you are looking at. If you're on this particular level and you're looking at the A Happenings that occur on other levels, they have to be called illusions and the ones that you're on here is games. And so it is vice versa. You have to use the awareness factor as your point of reference. It is obvious that if you're laying here and thinking about something that occurred here or in an alter-reality, because from that particular reality's reference point, its not real. Therefore its an illusion. The only thing that is real to you is the things that you have done while awake, in that particular awareness. Can you see that?

DUNCAN: Yeah, but I don't know what that has to do with the question I asked.

THERRY: It has to do with how you determine if you want to call one a game and another an illusion. A game has to with absolute reality to you. Well things that occur in another awareness are not absolute reality, even though they are within the sphere of reality. In an A Happening or something, you want to be able to differentiate between the two. What happens to you in common reality as opposed to what happens to you in an alter-reality makes a big difference.

DUNCAN: Right.

THERRY: Well if you want to talk about the two of them, you have to have labels, so that when you are talking about just one of them, you don't get them mixed up with one another. If you're on this level, you call everything that happens on this level games, and everything that happens on other realities, illusions. Obviously, if you're in another thing then it switches again.

DUNCAN: Yeah, I think I can--

THERRY: --But in the grand total, its all games.

DUNCAN: Its all games. Well, I was going to ask you about, what is the relationship between values and purposes, are they synonymous or are they closely related.

THERRY: No, first go and look it up in a dictionary-- what value means and what purpose means. Now that you have looked up the two, re-ask your question if its necessary.

DUNCAN: Well, I guess its not necessary. The only reason I asked to begin with is because I heard you tell somebody in a conversation to look toward their purpose why he values his life source.



THERRY: No. Values are always going to determine purpose. You chose one's purpose according to one's values. I guess you might say that values are a steering current for purpose.

DUNCAN: Alright.


DUNCAN: We might as well leave that one alone.

THERRY: Which one?

DUNCAN: Language.

THERRY: Why, what's wrong with language?

DUNCAN: Well, I understand it, but obviously there's a lot more to it than this. So I don't know, I guess its so--I don't have a need for it now...


DUNCAN: Alright, it says here that the Golden Scribe's function is evoked here by the GreatForce.


DUNCAN: It is the same law that evokes its presence that keeps its tally.


DUNCAN: So what does that mean, that the GreatForce keeps Karma's tally?

THERRY: No. It means that there are certain laws that are put into effect, and those laws are what govern the Universe. Its cause and effect.

DUNCAN: Right. How about this one. The measure of how the Golden Scribe marks the stubbornness of your heart, to that measure does the mind travel to the hell of its own thoughts. But why is it the stubbornness of your own heart?

THERRY: What else would you call stubbornness?

DUNCAN: What else would I call stubbornness?

THERRY: Yeah, would it be stubbornness if it would be somebody else's heart to keep you trapped?

DUNCAN: No, but that's not what I asked you what else would you call stubbornness? I was asking why you would call it stubbornness at all.

THERRY: What else would you call it?

DUNCAN: I don't know.

THERRY: If you insist on doing things your way, what would you call it?

DUNCAN: Ignorance. To me there's something else--

THERRY: No, no, no, no. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. A behavior implies the insistence on an action, the insistence on a chosen behavior. If that isn't stubbornness, then what is it?

DUNCAN: Well, I don't know, I'm having trouble, because--.

THERRY: Well, read the original statement.

DUNCAN: To the measure that the Golden Scribe marks the stubbornness of your own heart, to that measure does the mind trap itself into the hell of its own thoughts.

THERRY: If you investigate that it implies that you also have other information but you elect to disregard it and go your own way. If that isn't stubbornness then what the hell is it?

DUNCAN: That's what I was going to ask you about when you started talking about stubbornness, I was going to ask you to tell me if this implies that everybody knows that, either Karmically, what they are doing is wrong, or else it wouldn't be stubbornness if you didn't know that.

THERRY: It has to do with stubbornness.

DUNCAN: So do people in fact know when they are doing wrong?

THERRY: Yes. There is a point however that they shoot down their truths. There becomes a point where because they have shot down their truths, the lie becomes their truth and that is when the mind is already trapped. Prejudice is an example of it. When an individual first acquires the prejudice, he knows its wrong, but mama does it and papa does it so its okay, but he really knows its wrong. But he destroys that knowledge and throws it away because mama and papa does it and they want to be like mama and papa. They want to be like the people around them, so from that point on they don't know anymore. At that point, the mind is already trapped.

DUNCAN: So before the mind is trapped, there is something innate within individuals?


DUNCAN: Okay. Alright, well here it says, Understand that there are three judgments to the Walk of Predestiny. I'm having problems with this, because I thought that it only took twice.

THERRY: No. First is when you think about it.


THERRY: Second is when you do it. And third is when you redo it.

DUNCAN: So its two commissions with respect to whatever level you are talking about and one--

THERRY: Its three.

DUNCAN: Well, I wouldn't consider thinking about it as an act of commission against the level.

THERRY: Yes, I would.


THERRY: Because it is.

DUNCAN: So you mean to tell me every time I think about doing something, like say hitting somebody I'm going to actually-- that's as much as a commission as actually going out and hitting somebody?

THERRY: Yeah, except its not on the physical, its on the level of non-mental... Remember, in the FabricTime domain, it is the thought that binds you to your destiny.

DUNCAN: Yeah, that's what I thought.

THERRY: Yeah. But that traps you just as much, only it does so on the mental level. Each unto his own level.

DUNCAN: Okay. Alright, how about this. For surely as he has time, though it is not to his liking, the White Feather of the Ka shall be the implementers of his Maat.


DUNCAN: What is the White Feather of the Ka is the Implementers of the Maat?

THERRY: Truth will have its way. You can hide and lie to everybody, but you cannot do it to yourself.

DUNCAN: Well, how about this one. Even to its cloak of travel so shall it be again?

THERRY: You're going to repeat, you're going to find yourself in the same situation again, for the first time.

DUNCAN: Okay, so cloak of travel is just a pictureous way of saying that everything is going to be exactly the same?

THERRY: As you travel through your experiences. Cloak of travel indicates that it might be an hour from now or two weeks from now, twenty years from now or next life. 'Cause you travel through your experiences, through your awareness, through your lives. You're traveling through time as well as space. It's another way of saying that time goes by and you're going to find yourself in the same condition again.

DUNCAN: So tell me why the Continuum of Freedom is a nonemotional amplifier. It's easier for me to understand why Love is, but I'm having a lot of trouble understanding why Freedom is.

THERRY: No not Freedom, the Continuum of Freedom.

DUNCAN: I--what's the problem?

THERRY: There's a difference. See each point along a Continuum becomes a drama or a source for a drama and they have the potentials to illicit amplifiers as opposed to magnifiers. But the continuum itself is a magnifier.

DUNCAN: Why is the Continuum itself a magnifier?

THERRY: Because it has the Wisdom of the whole intrinsically within it.

DUNCAN: Is this for Lesson Two cause I can't figure this out right now.


DUNCAN: Okay, let me see this and figure out--fortunately--How about "Till you reach the activity of frequency and the other manifestation is still purely on these levels." Should I read everything as it is?


DUNCAN: Talking about Astral Projection.


DUNCAN: By this method there is no dimension that is created within the Universe that cannot be visited within this scope of the LifeForce. Now to my understanding you cannot travel in between one dimension and another to do projection. Is that correct?

THERRY: Correct.

DUNCAN: Then what does this mean, No dimension that will be created that will not be visited within the scope of the LifeForce.

THERRY: It means that the LifeForce is not barred. It knows no barrier, neither alien nor barrier otherwise that hold up barring the LifeForce inside.

DUNCAN: So what does that have to do with individuals practicing Astral travel and/or Projection?

THERRY: The main key is that Astral travel and/or Projection gets its power from the LifeForce/MindForce Pairing. That's why it is capable of warping time and space. The important part here is not the fact that you are dealing with the LifeForce as the Seat of Power. The important part here is the difference between Projection as opposed to Astration. And that simply is that in Projection you never leave your body. Its like having a Magic Eye who can see into all areas. But you, yourself, are never there. So in a sense while you can see into other dimensions, you, yourself, are not there.

DUNCAN: So you actually can?

THERRY: You can see into them but you can't travel there.

DUNCAN: Oh, okay. Well, for that matter you're not allowed to travel in this dimension either are you?

THERRY: You're not traveling anywhere. You're simply seeing into it. Its where time and space moves before you as opposed to you moving through time and space.