Arkashean Q&A Session -- 118

MANDY: Yeah, is that true?


MANDY: Why would you dream about people you don't know? It's like you or Peggy or ... They're still representing parts of me?

THERRY: Yeah. They represent your thoughts of these people.

SANDY: That is, provided that it's a dream and not an alter-reality.

THERRY: Correct, but she...

SANDY: ...spoke of a dream, right.

THERRY: But she said dream, hence you take it at face value and assume that it is a dream.

SANDY: Right.

THERRY: If she's playing with herself by calling an alter-reality a dream, who cares? It's her's her game.

MANDY: Is that why you can have dreams of people that don't look anything like who they're supposed to be?

THERRY: Yeah because you think you know them but all you know of them is your opinion. And surprisingly though, they don't always match. That's why I'm always so beautiful when you dream of me!


SANDY: When I sleep walk, now that's what we call it when he finds me wandering that an alter-reality?

THERRY: Not necessarily, but yes. You're speaking about sombulent dysfunction.

SANDY: Yeah.

THERRY: What you're discovering is that you like it down here so much that you forget to shut the switch off. So when you go walking around up there, well, you forgot to shut off the switch, so this guy down here is still active. And the thoughts are trickling through, so if he's walking, you're walking. So I guess you're trying to imitate yourself.

SANDY: [Chuckle] I didn't get that. Uhm.

THERRY: Well, when you forget to shut off the switch, it's the same as though you were awake. Whatever decisions you make to go and walk, you make them down here and instead of the dreaming state, so this body down here also walks. So this body down here is emulating or imitating what you're doing up there. So you're imitating yourself.

SANDY: Kind of dangerous.

THERRY: Can be. Especially if you're walking on a road up there and you're on the edge of a building up there.

SANDY: Uh-hmmm. Or climbing a wall unit.

GUY: It is dangerous to wake up somebody doing something dangerous?

THERRY: Depends on how you wake them up.

SANDY: Is it, is it uhm...Is there a way that I can shut off that switch or is it out of my control?

THERRY: No, there's a way that it can be done. It requires a shift in attitude and some specialized counseling. A lot of times, an enchronologist will discover an imbalance that acts upon the verticular formation and with the right shot or boost or whatever it will restore balance and then your switch will work properly.

SANDY: That's if it's biological.

THERRY: Yeah. If it's psychosomatic, well, perhaps you're in a hurry to get on the bus so you try to live on both levels on the same time.


THERRY: But it ain't going to work! So if you live on two levels, you get it done in twice the time!


THERRY: But it ain't going to work! The hurrier you go, the behinder you get.

MARK: At least you get six meals a day.

SANDY: At least you get what?

MARK: At least you get six meals a day.


SANDY: Yeah, right!

JOSE: I'm going to add something here, even though I'm setting myself up. One of the strongest dream recollections I had, was one of the first dreams I had as a child. It was a death type dream. Ahh-h even though they say that you don't dream your own death, it was always, it had to be the Grim Reaper because it was always a skeletal form and not one but a houseful. And I remember the words spoken in the dream, saying that "This one will be just fine."

THERRY: Are you sure it was a dream?

JOSE: God knows! Or whoever.

THERRY: Yeah. One of these days I hope to bump into Him.

JOSE: It's just a very strong, indelible...

THERRY: Well, see there's insufficient evidence there to indicate if it was in fact a dream or you were in fact, in a laboratory so I can't say anything.

JOSE: Okay.

THERRY: Because there is a level, whereby all residents are skeletal in form. It happens to be on the third level of the laboratory. Absolutely everything you'll meet there, doesn't matter what form, if it's a dog, a cat, a human, a flea - all you'll get is the skeletal form.

JOSE: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: 'Cause that's the level that that part of the anatomy was created. But there isn't enough info to really find out if that's where you really were.

JOSE: Like I said, I do remember...

THERRY: What color was the sky?

JOSE: Actually, the whole thing was more black and white and grey. No color. It was all monochromatic.

THERRY: Oh. Since most people, since most few people or few people dream in color, that's not saying much. Now let me repeat my question, what color was the sky?

JOSE: I have to think hard.

THERRY: I can't hear you.

JOSE: I have to think.

THERRY: I can't hear you.

MANDY: I have to think.

THERRY: I'm death in my old years.

JOSE: I'm sorry. I'm concentrating hard enough. I keep coming up with like a red color.

THERRY: Okay. No clouds?


THERRY: Streets?

JOSE: No, no streets, basically like a hillside. Almost a haunted house type of, old gothic, belfries, the whole bit.

THERRY: Did you see any part of your own anatomy?

JOSE: Hand.

THERRY: In hand form or skeletal form?

JOSE: Hand form, hand form. That's when they touched me and said "This will do just fine."

THERRY: Sounds like you were on a laboratory level. Can't say for sure, but it sounds like.

JOSE: And it's been a recurring theme. Not so much the skeletal form, but actually dealing with my people from my past in that state.


JOSE: I'm almost watching certain transformations take place, their transformations going into another life form. One of the most prevalent ones, if this isn't pertinent, you can tell me to shut up. But we have a dog who had died and he died within the year after my mom died. The dog was a child substitute as it were and almost about a year ago, this is well after they're both dead, I was having one of these dreams of speaking with her mother and Fitzy was there. And all of a sudden, her mother pointed to Fitzy, when he started to change from the type of dog he was into a puppy version, again of another type, another breed of dog and then just disappeared. Which was very disturbing, because it was very pronounced when I woke up. But I was able...but I think I told you that.

SANDY: You also said she said, "He's with me" or something.

JOSE: Yeah. But I called her to keep her from him in the beginning. I had to fight with her mother in my dream state once, it was about a month after her mother died. The dog had gotten very sick. Eventually what took his life, ten months later, after I yelled at her in a dream that she couldn't have him, it almost disappeared overnight. But ten months down the road, I just didn't think about it or have the energy to combat it at that point, but I had to throw her off and confront her.

THERRY: Strong emotions do many things.

JOSE: Really?

MARK: I've had a lot of dreams lately where I swear that from the time I fall asleep to the time that I get up in the morning, that the scenario of the dream goes an entire six or eight hours. Is it possible to dream that long as opposed to...

THERRY: Well...

MARK: ...the accepted norm where the dreams last about five seconds at each stage.

THERRY: Well, you're forgetting the phenomenon of your time is different. The Magpie Effect. The physical dream seldom lasts more than three seconds. But that three seconds is only three seconds of Common Reality time. If that phenomenon is actually taking place on another level, it could easily be eight hours worth of thing.

MARK: But I'm pretty sure like I've gone to sleep like at 11:30 and I'll start to have this dream and I wake up and I look at the clock and it's 11:00 and I go back to sleep and pick up the dream where I left up, wake up at 4:00 and I'm still in the dream and I get up to take a leak and go back to bed. I pick it up again and I'm having a dream at 7:00 when the alarm goes off.

THERRY: Yeah but it's still the Magpie Effect.

JOHN: Can you explain that to me?

THERRY: Time is relevant to its own level. Time passes or moves relative to the limits of the level which governs it. So if you fell to sleep on this level and you went to an alter-reality level, when you would come back to this level, you would still bear the memory of the Now of the dream. We're assuming that I'm taking your words as they are. If however, you're not dreaming, if however, you are on an alter-reality, then the Magpie Effect doesn't matter because it's a juxtaposition of time - parallel time.

MARK: I seem to be able to...

THERRY: The only area where the Magpie Effect would take place is that the time-span and the time event of one is different from the other, but it's still parallel time. Like in your dream state, it could be 3:00 in the afternoon and you may be having a party and taking a piss, but whereas on this level, it would be 4:00 in the morning and you're still rolling over from sleep thinking, "I have to get up and take a piss." So there are little threads still connecting them in some way but they're parallel time.

MARK: See, I tend to have two different types of dreams. They're really clear to me when they're over which type it was. Uhm, I know that there are times that I can go back to sleep because I do tend to wake up during and go back to sleep and pick it up like I'm picking up a book. I'm going back to the middle of Chapter 6 on page 85.

THERRY: Yes, that's a parallel dream, parallel time.

MARK: Even to the point that I can actually back up and read the last couple of pages


MARK: ...and the last Chapter because I liked those particular pages.

THERRY: Yes, that's parallel time. And what's more you can go back to bed the following night and look the chapter over again.

MARK: And do it over again.

THERRY: Yeah, that's parallel time. That's a wonderful tool. Because you can gain a lot out of it if you use it properly. It can teach you an unbelievable number of things.

MARK: Do the circumstances and the situations you put yourself in reflect things that you necessarily don't feel you can work on?


MARK: ...on this particular level?

THERRY: No. Not necessarily, no. This level is very powerful in its abilities because basically it's a Magic Mirror.

MARK: When you carry over a lot of things?


MARK: 'Cause I notice there's a lot of trends, patterns that I can see.

THERRY: Yeah. Because basically it's a Magic Mirror that responds to your heart.

MARK: To your heart?

THERRY: Yeah. As opposed to your mind.

SANDY: Parallel dreaming?


MARK: There will be times that I will...

THERRY: The things that occur, occur on the mental plane.

MARK: At the very least out of history?

THERRY: Oh yeah!

MARK: Like I wake up some mornings exhausted. Like I've literally put in a second, eighteen-hour day.

THERRY: But that ability can be extremely beneficial to you. Believe it or not, you can review your Karma with it.

MARK: You can...?

THERRY: Review your Karma with it. You can enter special classrooms with it, shrink a thousand years into a single lifetime with it. You can play, "What if" with it and if you're smart enough not to get lost, you can get a pretty good answer.

MARK: 'Cause I was talking a little bit with Tim last night about this and as far as I'm aware, I don't really feel that I spend much energy and time when I'm awake and working things out. I tend to be a little more...I have lots of other things to do that require my direct attention that I don't have time for it.

THERRY: Or don't want to take time for it.

MARK: Or that too. It seems to me...I mean Peggy's always telling me, I don't know what you were doing last night, but you must've been doing something I don't get to do, talking and yelling and bouncing up and down. I mean is that connected to what I'm doing, either taking the time or being taken to the time that I want to stay? But if you can't remember why, why do the work?

THERRY: A couple of possibilities...One, it don't belong on this level. Two, you don't want to take it to this level because it would interfere with something that's here.

MARK: So you choose to disregard it because you don't like what you've got?

THERRY: Yeah. It's a case of saying, why bother asking me the questions, if you ain't going to listen to the answer.

JOSE: Do you have a number of things that you work out in your dreams?

MARK: Oh yeah, I know I definitely do. I mean, uhm I picked up the phone and called my father for the first time ever.

JOSE: In your dream?

MARK: No, in real life, about three weeks.

JOSE: Oh, okay.

MARK: I woke him up and kept him on the phone for two hours and we just talked, which is something that we've never done. Only on a very superficial level once. About two, three years ago and uhh the very next night I had a bizarre dream about being a cop. And I had done something that I considered right but what the police considered was a blasphemy like I had ducked over the union and made them look bad. And uhh they orchestrated this whole smear campaign against me so I couldn't leave the apartment, so that people were stoning and throwing rocks through the windows and calling and telephoning and threatening me. It was like a media circus outside the apartment. And uh, all this press coverage, like "Oh, the scandal" and blah, blah, blah. It was unbelievably strange. It was nothing that I'd done.