Arkashean Q&A Session -- 143

CATHY: So you made a statement that if you worked all your life...if you traded off your values and your reference points for power...


CATHY: Then, you are at the mercy of the power, you became a pawn for the power.


CATHY: Uhm. I don't really understand what that means.

THERRY: Well, it means you sold yourself, you traded yourself off. You're now were totally under the realm of Predestiny but since you do not have your own control you become a pawn for somebody else to direct.

CATHY: You become a pawn for somebody else to direct because of Karma?

THERRY: Because of Karma and because power of itself, by itself, for itself is useless. It can achieve nothing. The only way that power is functional is if it works against or for others.

CATHY: So if you've worked for power all your life and you're on your deathbed, what do you take with you? You have to take...

THERRY: The Karma.

CATHY: The Karma.

THERRY: The responsibility of what you've done.

CATHY: You still have values and reference points, don't you, even though you've traded them off? I mean when you say...

THERRY: Yeah but those values and reference points that you still have are those things that serve power.

CATHY: So in other words if you start out with values and reference points that are say, sacred...


CATHY: ...and along the way you trade them off, you have to replace them with something.


CATHY: So you replace them with the values and reference points that serve power.


CATHY: So then when you die, you're left with the values and reference points that serve power not your original values and reference points.

THERRY: Right.

CATHY: And that's what you mean when you say that they trade them off.

THERRY: Yes. So you end up totally trapped inside the Earth, on the Earth level.

CATHY: So how do they get out of that?

THERRY: Obviously, they reincarnate and they go through with sufficient pain that they realize that there's got to be a better way. One thing is for sure, they won't change until they have enough pain to realize that that is not the way. And what usually happens is at some point in their lives, when the pain is big enough, they become touched by the Hound of Hell again and then they make a very big evaluation and then they make the change. Gotta remember, there's a duality in creation, that "As there is a Road that Mortal Man May not Walk Alone, there is also a Road That Mortal Man Must Walk Alone." The seed of that road is the uhh Claim to Uniqueness.

CATHY: Without the Claim to Uniqueness, there would not be a Road for Man to Walk Alone?

THERRY: Not in the same way, no.

CATHY: What kind of things are of the Road that Man has to Walk Alone?

THERRY: Well, there are a lot of experiences that no one can help you with, there're yours and yours alone. For example, nobody can breathe for you. Even the machine doesn't really breathe for you; you've got to do it yourself or the laws within you. But nobody can breathe for you, nobody can eat for you, nobody can feel contentment for you, nobody can feel sadness for you, nobody can die for you, nobody can be born for you. There's a whole lot of experiences.... Nobody can do anything at all for you, you've got to do it yourself. The best that people can do is to make things available, up to and including wisdom, you just make it available to you, but you have to take it and assimilate it. People can't do that for you. People can also...nobody else can pay the pain for you that your own Karma has decreed that you should pay. Nobody can be Cathy except Cathy. It doesn't matter how many of them there are. Same thing, it doesn't matter how many individuals there are, each must walk their own road.

CATHY: You had said that a lot of what holds Cathy together is Excessive Ego.

THERRY: That's true for everybody. On the Planet Earth today on this level, it seems that Excessive Ego is in greater control.

CATHY: Does Excessive Ego...what is included in the definition of Excessive Ego? Like your persona or your personality or etc.?

THERRY: It's all that.

CATHY: It's all Excessive Ego?

THERRY: It's all part of it.

CATHY: So when you get rid of Excessive Ego, what do you have left?

THERRY: You still have the ego itself.

CATHY: So you'd still have personality.

THERRY: Of course.

CATHY: And you'd still have part of a persona or a persona.

THERRY: Of course.

CATHY: So what are the parts of the Excessive Ego that you're getting rid of?

THERRY: The negative parts...that part which serves the Darkness.

CATHY: And you'd said the way to do that would be can't just get rid of everything because you'd have no values or reference points.

THERRY: Right. Well now that's a different discussion. What you're talking about there is, how does one change, what's the process of changing, does one throw away everything and start brand new? No, you can't do that. You change a little at a time. As you learn a little at a time, so you change a little at a time. Even when you experience the Emotion Death, even during those times you don't change everything all at once. There is a process that is silent, whereby you change your systems one at a time, until finally one morning, you chuck everything and start brand new, with your new set of reference points.

CATHY: But everything's been coming for a while.

THERRY: But everything's been coming for a while, yes. There's a long evaluation process whereby you keep changing your value systems.

CATHY: If somebody lives by the concepts of say, feminism all their lives...


CATHY: And on their deathbed they trade off their values and reference points of feminism. So when they die they realize that's it a prop and nothing, if that's the realization that they come to, and then what comes of those values and reference point with that realization?

THERRY: Well for a while, they must be born again into feminism and from within feminism they change. If they're going to change, they're going to change from within the trap that they made for themselves. Now there's other things that occur in that a lot of times, Karma punishes them because of the need for change, such that if somebody totally dislikes feminism, then Karma will force them to be born into feminism. "You become the things that you hate and you walk towards the things you fear."

CATHY: Why is that?

THERRY: Because that's the Law of Dialusion. Do you understand that?

CATHY: I don't really understand what the motivation is. I mean is it Karma? Karma builds in things that you fear and you have to experience them?

THERRY: Yes. Karma builds in certain lessons. Remember the law, "The forces that you evoke, you must master." You can never be freed from them. So obviously, in order to experience Fear you have to evoke a force. In order to experience Anger, you have to draw the forces to you and once you draw them, you must deal with them.

CATHY: So is it like a trace, a reminder of something? Like a carry-over? To have Fear or something? Like I was always afraid of being raped and then eventually I was, it's like to a point.

THERRY: Well...the reason why you were was because you were always afraid of it and therefore you drew it to you. See, an individual who's afraid of something will always place themselves into a position whereby that thing will catch them. You can see that an awful lot'll find birds will always play with cats because they're deathly afraid of them and eventually the cat's going to catch 'em.

CATHY: Well what do you learn from that? I don't understand the purpose to that.

THERRY: It's learning. You learn to let go the Fear. You learn to change the values and in the process, the heart changes, the mind changes, the force changes and then the finally the Illusion changes.

CATHY: Until you're not caught by it anymore.

THERRY: Right. So long as you are caught by your illusions, so long as you are trapped into your illusions, then you must obey the laws of that illusion. Automatic Pilot guarantees that you will.

CATHY: Do Sexuality Continuums work the same way as all this other stuff?

THERRY: Yes. It becomes easier to understand various things if you can understand the divisions in Creation. Science went through this great big process of zoological classifications. Well, the Laws of Creation has one too.

CATHY: What are they?

THERRY: Well, you start out with the great big thing called Creation itself. It's...a good way of looking like it is like a diamond, a great big, big, big diamond. Well a diamond is cut and polished and has many, many, many different facets, but it's still part of the Diamond. Well, it's like that. You give a label to each facet so that you can manipulate data with reference to that facet without having to deal with the whole but it doesn't change the fact that you're still dealing with the whole. Okay, the labels here with reference to the Diamond or Ruby in this case, called Life. You start out with the whole, you have Premedial Force, that's the whole, then you have the Great Force, then you have Dialusion, then you have Orthodontiks, then you have different levels of energies, then you have different levels of Mental, then you have different levels of Physical. Then on other levels, 'cause there's a Triune thing, another thread would be, you have a journey, then you have the individual lives that make up the journey. Then you have the individual games that make up the Life. Then you have the individual roles that make up the game. Then you have the individual circumstances or the stage upon which those roles are played. Then you have the individual Laws of that Illusion.

CATHY: Wow! And those are all threads that are all ....

THERRY: They're all threads to the whole. They are the threads to the Fabric of Creation. And each level and each aspect has its own very specific subset of laws that function within that level within that aspect.

CATHY: When you talk about the Dark and the Light before...


CATHY: And you were saying that the Dark was going towards Maya and towards being trapped.


CATHY: Does that mean that Sexuality is Dark?

THERRY: Of itself, no. But yes, because it is of Earth.

CATHY: And that's the biggest trap of Earth as well...?

THERRY: Yeah, Sexuality is the door to continue the effects of the Ruby of Life. Sexuality is the channel, the door by which you come alive or experience life.

CATHY: I had realized the other day that there must be a way to feel different. I'm comfortable in my nature.

THERRY: Yes, go ahead.

CATHY: But I'm not comfortable with the way I behave with other people and the fact that I'm always on the prowl.

THERRY: Yeah that's because of your Sexuality. You gotta remember that you're also dealing ...or are governed by the Laws of your Illusion. Your chain makes you aware of that far more than anybody else.

CATHY: And you were saying...

THERRY: With greater awareness comes greater pain and greater responsibility.

CATHY: But you were saying there was a way you could called it aloof from sex...


CATHY: Where you didn't care whether you had it or not.

THERRY: Obviously, it requires that your Maat be updated.

CATHY: That's true. Could you expound more on what it...what attitudes?

THERRY: Well, equally as obvious, it's trade-offs.

CATHY: Well, I'm tired of the cycle of the dating game and...

THERRY: Well, the recognition of being tired of that cycle simply means that you have become aware that there is a need to change.

CATHY: Right.

THERRY: That in itself is not sufficient energy to bring forth the change. 'Cause you may be tired of it but in that same sense you may also harbor thoughts that life should do things for you and you shouldn't have to do 'em by yourself. There are many people in life who say, "I want, I want, but they are unwilling to pay the price for what they want and therefore the behavior never ensues and therefore the change never occurs. Just because a person has a brain, there's no guarantee they're going to use it.

CATHY: That's true.

THERRY: And just because an individual knows the difference between right and wrong, that is no guarantee that they're going to choose what is right.

CATHY: That's true too.

THERRY: That's what you're dealing with.

CATHY: Well, how so? How does it get to be an issue between right and wrong?

THERRY: Everything is always in the sphere of right or wrong. You're always either serving the Light Side or you're serving the Dark Side. Anytime you feel yourself trapped into something, obviously you're serving the Dark Side or you are touched by the Dark Side.

CATHY: I guess that's a hard thing for me to understand because that's...I guess it gets back to thinking that in that reference point in Sexuality except for procreation is the Dark Side.

THERRY: Okay but...

CATHY: And...

THERRY: You have to be careful when you think that way. Because from what I'm picking up from your vibes, when you say Dark Side, you're feeling and thinking sin, bad.

CATHY: That's true.

THERRY: That's pure bullshit! That's the rudiments of Christianity still working. If the...the way to look at it in order to understand it is, there are sets of behavior that are conducive to the success of your goal and there are sets of behavior that are conducive to the failure of achieving your goals. To the degree that they serve the need to achieve your goals, to that degree should they be labeled "good." To the degree that they are inappropriate for success of your goals, to that degree should they be labeled "bad." And therefore the terms "good" and "bad" should be thrown away from your vocabulary and they should be replaced with the words "appropriate" or "inappropriate." The concept "sin" you can throw in a garbage bin. That's where it belongs with the rest of the trash. The concept "sin" is a term that was coined by Man so that they could control the minds of others.

CATHY: Well, if you have a nature that's gay, homosexual...


CATHY: The games for that lead more to being trapped in Maya.

THERRY: Yeah, yeah.

CATHY: And...

THERRY: But that's not of itself inappropriate.

CATHY: It's not?

THERRY: Not in and of itself, no. You gotta bear in mind, what the nature of Earth is. Each life is one big classroom. If you are to understand and to aid others who are trapped into a game, you must first learn the game and the rules thereof. How can you do that if you don't experience the game? So you can't necessarily make the blanket judgment stating that "All gays are bad." Some may be gay because it is their choice to play the game. They're trapped in it. Others, there's a possibility that they're gay or they experience the gay style, not because they want the game, but because they're in the process of learning to be Teachers. So you can't make a blanket statement condemning all gays.

CATHY: Well, according to the Universe, you shouldn't make a statement of condemning any of them from what I've also been taught.

THERRY: That part is true but that's not our discussion.

CATHY: Okay. Well the part that confuses me is, if you're gay and you're working for the Light Side and the gay games is to be more trapped in Maya and working for the Light Side is to get out of Maya and have more Free Will...

THERRY: Everything has a price, Cathy. It has been written that the Teacher will always suffer the greater of the two pains.

CATHY: What does that mean and what are the two pains?

THERRY: It has been written that the Teacher will take the pain of the student upon himself that the student may grow and learn and change. That becomes very evident when you look on this level of Creation. The heartaches and the pain that the Teachers goes through, all the wars that he has to fight, all the emotions and everything that he has to go through, for the individual that he's trying to help. 'Cause the student has to lash out sometime, some place...he uses his Teacher.

CATHY: All students and all Teachers?


CATHY: That isn't right.

THERRY: All you have to go is think. You've experienced it.

CATHY: Well, I know I do it but I didn't think it was the right thing to do!

THERRY: Yeah. It's a normal situation.

CATHY: Well is...

THERRY: Now in terms of gayness, that's a whole spectrum all by itself because now you're you're really talking about the Continuum of Sexuality itself. That's a whole kettle of worms or a dish of spaghetti, whatever you want to call it.

CATHY: The State of Being single, we talked about that.


CATHY: And you said that it's an attitude.


CATHY: Well, in relation to this I saw a number of things going on which I've recently discovered about myself. One, I had never realized that I don't feel okay unless I have a mate. It's kinda's an ego thing in the sense that I feel like I'm more lovable if I have someone that's loving me. But in a sense, it's for other people more than myself. It's like to prove to other people that I'm lovable if I have a girlfriend.

THERRY: Well, I think you have still have more searching to do because I think you will find that that image is cloudy. It's not accurate.