Arkashean Q&A Session -- 102

THERRY: That one is easy. There's a mechanism. It's called trade-off.

PETRA: If everything is Karma, if you believe that it was Karma for the people in Cambodia to get what they got, okay...

THERRY: Then you're getting into futilism. "It's fruitless to do anything at all because there's nothing you can do about it." If you believe that absolutely everything is Karma, that means that there is no Free Will and that means it doesn't matter what you do, you're not going to make any changes. It's going to happen what's going to happen regardless of what happens, so therefore why bother doing anything.

PETRA: No, that's inaccurate, because there's always a degree of Free Will, right?

THERRY: Therefore you can't say that everything is Karma. But if you believe that everything is Karma, then there's no need to do anything, just go take a gun do whatever you want, go find a whole, crawl into it, go become a hermit because you ain't going to make nothing to the world...

PETRA: But according to law, from we've discussed previously today, everything except for the two parts of the continuum where it's pure Free Will, pure Karma, everything else is a mixture of the two.

THERRY: That's got nothing to do with your question.

PETRA: Well, sure it does.

THERRY: No, it doesn't, that's aside. Your question is, you said a condition.

PETRA: Okay, alright.

THERRY: If you believe...

PETRA: I understand, okay, so it was miscommunication.

THERRY: No, it wasn't. It was a perfect question. If you believe something, then what's going to happen? Well, obviously, if everything is Karma, then forget about it.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: 'Cause you ain't going to have any effect on the world but the only effect you can have is in the domain of Free Will.

PETRA: Alright, so that's new information. Everything is not Karma, there's always a degree of Free Will.

THERRY: Yes. It's always a combination. When you have a beginning, you must have an end.

PETRA: So you can use your Free Will to want a humane world?

THERRY: And to guide your...

PETRA: Is that how it works?

THERRY: ...and to guide your behavior such that Free Will comes around eventually.


THERRY: But you've also got to recognize in that continuum that which is Predestiny will occur regardless of what you do.

PETRA: Is trying to interfere with that Predestiny stealing pain from people?

THERRY: It could be, it doesn't necessarily mean that it would be.

PETRA: And you never know from this level.

THERRY: But one thing for certain, it's fruitless...

PETRA: But you never know which part that is or isn't. For instance...

THERRY: That's not valid. I'll accept that you don't know.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: But it's invalid to make a blanket statement that there is nobody who can tell the difference.

PETRA: Okay, most people don't know.

THERRY: I'll accept that too.

PETRA: If you have a country, Vietnam, for instance, okay, and you have those people who were born in Vietnam, obviously they were involved in that conflict that went on for twenty years...

THERRY: Just like the Civil War between the North and the South.

PETRA: Right, except no outsiders...did outsiders interfered with...?

THERRY: The hell they didn't!

PETRA: They did? Oh, France did, yes.

THERRY: Right, Spain, the American Indians.

PETRA: That's true, they all did.

THERRY: England.

PETRA: Okay, the only reason I was using Vietnam was because Vietnam at one point had a rescue effort with some of those kids and some of those kids and some of the other people did get over after living through some of that and did start a new life. Was it interfering with their paying off of some debt to take them out of that situation and put them over here? Or...



THERRY: You couldn't have done it, if Free Will would not have allowed it.

PETRA: So anytime...

THERRY: Anytime you achieve something, it's because you've been working within the domain of free choice or relative choice.

PETRA: And there was enough free choice to allow it. Hmmm.

THERRY: Except don't use the term "free choice," that's a bad term, use "relative choice."

PETRA: Relative choice...

THERRY: That's more appropriate.

PETRA: So that means the people that were free, the slaves that went through the underground railroad had already paid off whatever karmic debt that made them slaves.

THERRY: Why does that make it true?

PETRA: Because they were relatively free.

THERRY: Just because they had relative choice doesn't mean that they had already paid off everything.

PETRA: Well, I figured...

THERRY: It just simply means that they weren't totally in Predestiny. They were not predestined to be slaves forever...

PETRA: So if they weren't predestined...

THERRY: That doesn't mean that they paid everything off.

PETRA: So how come they weren't slaves anymore? How can that time be up if it wasn't meant to be up?

THERRY: Maybe it's certain sets of experiences that they're supposed to have rather than slavery itself. And maybe in order to have these sets of experiences, they may only take place in a slave culture.

PETRA: Ah! A fabric!

THERRY: A fabric. Stop thinking tunnel!

PETRA: Which brings up the question, I was involved in that time period, wasn't I? Well, I already know I was, you already told me that aspect, but I was involved in some way with the underground railroad, wasn't I?

THERRY: Useless information.

PETRA: The only reason I ask that is that I heard...

THERRY: Still useless information.

PETRA: Well, it just seems that a lot of my bad trips had to do with messages coming through the radio, which I never put any importance on, even though they kept coming and coming and coming and I was at a concert and this woman explained that they used to use those as code words and when... And but before I met you, I was thinking that every song and every situation I heard had some sort of message or code word in it and I thought I was literally going bonkers.

THERRY: Useless information.

PETRA: Well, I didn't expect you to say anything else, but I just found that interesting.

THERRY: Okay, next question.

PETRA: Okay, let's see.

THERRY: You know why it's useless information?


THERRY: It still won't serve you in the next particular lifetime.

PETRA: It seemed like it would explain some things from the past.

THERRY: It still won't serve you.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: It'll glorify your ego, but that's all it'll do, so that's why it's useless information.

PETRA: Well, since you said glorify my ego, I can infer a lot of information.

THERRY: You can infer anything you want, up to and including an apple pie.

PETRA: [Laugh] Alright, you answered that, you answered that, alright, and you answered that before. You said that people...I'm asking you this again because I have a tape, I think I wrote some of this down before, but when people die you said that some of them see people that they used to know depending on their Karma, right and their personal experiences?

THERRY: And their future experiences.

PETRA: But you did say...did you say that everybody had some sort of guide that would tell them where to go?

THERRY: No, I didn't. I did say that everybody has a guide.

PETRA: But when they die...

THERRY: I didn't add the codicil to tell where to go...They don't really need all of that. I could tell you where to go. [Laugh] Go to hell!

PETRA: Okay. [Laugh]

THERRY: [Laugh]

PETRA: When people die do they see guides or it depends again...

THERRY: Depends on the game they play throughout their lives.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: To some people the guide is nothing but a long road , to others it's a river or a bridge or a door or a cellar or a cloud or a light. Maybe it's a bump in the night.

PETRA: And I also asked when people reincarnated, do they see people they used to know?

THERRY: That depends on the game they played in their lives and their future experience.

PETRA: And in it it possible to never see a person you really liked for all eternity? You said, yes, right?

THERRY: Yeah, it's possible.

PETRA: But you did say that there was a time where the whole species merged and at that point in time you did see everybody but you also said that the memories were left behind. So...

THERRY: Well, they're not really left behind, they're merged. They become one.

PETRA: Would you recognize that you knew that person before you merged? I mean like the second before you merged, would you recognize that person as an individual entity or being or whatever it is upstairs?

THERRY: You'd recognize that there is no difference between the two of them. You'd recognize that you are one, otherwise you wouldn't have merged.

PETRA: Uhhmmm. Can people follow me when I meditate at all, anybody?

THERRY: Depends on the people.

PETRA: So they're some people who could?


PETRA: Is it better not to meditate in front of anybody at all? Or are...

THERRY: You have to decide that for yourself.

PETRA: Are there any guidelines that Arkashea would choose to give me about that?


PETRA: Which is what?

THERRY: When you're alone, you're alone.

PETRA: So if I'm in a group and even the group is quiet, I should just do something else?

THERRY: You have to decide that for yourself.

PETRA: Okay, but the guidelines according to Arkashea is, it's better to do it yourself.

THERRY: Do what alone?

PETRA: Meditate.


PETRA: And I guess it also depends on whether I'm doing meditation or if I'm using the same technique as a force for protection.


PETRA: 'Cause I've done that as a force for protection too and that was obviously when somebody else was there. Okay. And you say it was better not to have a massage that gave any energy work. Now I realize that when I talked to you about that that I didn't clarify myself about that because anything that you do with the human body involves energy so...[Laugh] Uhm, so can you be more clear on that because any pressure...

THERRY: Why take on somebody else's problems if you don't have to?

PETRA: What do you mean?

THERRY: Why let somebody else fool around with your energy?

PETRA: No, I wouldn't want them to.

THERRY: Then, in that case, you wouldn't want any energy massages.

PETRA: No, however...

THERRY: What do you mean however?

PETRA: Well the thing is's not...

THERRY: You keep giving me and yourself double messages.

PETRA: I do like massages because it feels good and my back hurts and when I'm on my feet a lot, my legs hurt.

THERRY: There's a difference between a physical massage and an energy massage.

PETRA: Okay, what is the difference?

THERRY: One deals with physical, one deals with energy.

PETRA: Okay, they have this thing called polarity therapy, right. Polarity therapy is when you push down...when you put a certain amount of pressure on a muscle you release electrical that a definition...

THERRY: That's physical.

PETRA: That's still physical?


PETRA: So that would be okay to have? So when you do refer to an energy massage...

THERRY: Just as long as you don't get into rolfing.

PETRA: Okay, yeah that hurts. So when you say, are you referring to all our work then, when you say, "Okay"? When I want to give a therapist guidelines, for instance, I say it's okay for them to do polarity if I wanted and it wouldn't mess up anything that if I'm doing with you?

THERRY: Correct.

PETRA: Okay. But I don't want them to do anything that would do with my aura. Okay. Now is reiki, the thing that Elli showed you, is that more with the aura, or is that still with the body? Remember she told you that her hands heated up when she was here and she showed you and you said that it would do something to rivers of laws?


PETRA: Which is that?

THERRY: That's aura.

PETRA: That is aura.

THERRY: But that could also be used for healing.

PETRA: Okay. Well the massage therapist was supposedly using whatever she was doing to heal me and my back did feel better and that's why I asked you.

THERRY: But that's only temporary because then it'll go right back to whatever game that you decide to play.

PETRA: Oh, so it wouldn't really temporarily change anything which is...

THERRY: Temporarily yeah.

PETRA: I mean permanently. 'Cause that was what I was really worried about her messing something up permanently with what I was doing...

THERRY: It all depends on the game that you decided to play and how much Free Will there is there and how much there are hidden traps.

PETRA: Okay, so when you say, it can sometimes be used for healing, it is still best to stay away from it according...?

THERRY: Each individual has to decide that for themselves at the time.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: I can't give you blanket statements about how to run people's lives.

PETRA: How about for me? I mean the only reason I'm asking is because...

THERRY: You already know ahead of time I don't tell people how to run their lives.

PETRA: You're right.

THERRY: So therefore don't expect an answer for that question.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: The only answer you can get is that you have to decide that for yourself when the time comes.

PETRA: The only concern I have is that I don't want anybody messing up what I do with you.

THERRY: The only concern I have is that you're wasting tape because I've already answered that question.

PETRA: How about acupuncture?

THERRY: Same thing.

PETRA: So then...

THERRY: All medical stuff, period. Each individual has to decide for themselves at the time.

PETRA: But that's still using the body as an electrical current, not the aura?


PETRA: So it should be okay?


PETRA: Alright. Uhm, and you did say, depending on the person, she could follow me but...

THERRY: Keep your chain on period.

PETRA: Okay, well, I used to take it off occasionally but I don't do that anymore.

THERRY: That's your trade-off.

PETRA: And uhhh...Alright, you said that. You said that. Ah, okay. Does shielding yourself work?


PETRA: Okay, what's the definition of shielding yourself?

THERRY: The same definition that you have in your mind when you asked the question.

PETRA: Okay, so that was for the tape's benefit and for my own journal. I was thinking of putting some sort of white light around myself. You're saying that that works.

THERRY: Yeah. But it doesn't have to be white, it can be white, it can be blue, pastel of course and it can be gold.

PETRA: And is that because illusion is the driving force of reality?

THERRY: Among other laws.

PETRA: Does it...if you shield yourself, does that lock things in as well as keeping things out?

THERRY: That's what a shield is.

PETRA: Does it also keep positive things out or only negative things out?

THERRY: A shield stops everything, it's a barrier.

PETRA: That's what I thought.

THERRY: Depending on how you construct the barrier.

PETRA: Okay. Would someone at my level need a shield for some ...? Okay, the reason I asked was I was in the hospital, okay, and in the hospital I was picking up a lot of negative energy and my body just didn't feel right. And when I went to have this massage, she considers herself a healer and I do too. I've done some of the exercises and stuff she gave me, just physical exercises and they really helped. And one thing she said is that if I am sensitive to stuff that I should put a shield around me. And she just suggested putting this thing that just like this clear paper...clear bag of something around me...

THERRY: An embryo.

PETRA: Yeah. And uhh she said to do it every morning but I was afraid that I didn't know what I was doing and what it was for so I didn't do it. So that's why I'm asking you.

THERRY: Shields can work but there are different kinds.

PETRA: And I don't really know enough about them so would it just be better for me not to use them?

THERRY: You have to decide that for yourself.

PETRA: Well the other message I got was my chain is protection enough. Is that accurate?

THERRY: Sometimes. Depends where your heart is. To the degree that you have in fact corrupted yourself by desires of the outside world, to that degree your chain is no protection at all.

PETRA: Can you show me how to shield myself?

THERRY: No, you're not ready. I would not put that much power in your hands. Because the things that you can use for yourself, you can also use against others.

PETRA: If someone...if I were to just use a visualization of a shield, would that work, because illusion is the driving force of reality or...

THERRY: It would help.

PETRA: It would help. What are shields used for...?

THERRY: Many things. They can be used as reflectors, bi-flectors...many things.

PETRA: If I was wanting to use one for protection, is it good to have other people's...

THERRY: I won't talk anymore on shields.

PETRA: Alright. Alright. When I feel people's presence in my mind, am I just freaking out or am I really feeling your presence in my mind. I don't know, it sounds stupid but...

THERRY: There's a qualified yes and a qualified no. At times it's valid, at times it's not.

PETRA: So there really are people that I've run into besides you that are in the outside world that I really have felt their presence?

THERRY: Yes. Simply because their aura crossed. There's a difference between having somebody enter your mind versus having the interaction through the auric plane.

PETRA: How come...when you talk about auras crossing, you're just talking because you're in close proximity, right?

THERRY: Yeah, but you don't have to be in close proximity expand your aura to envelop someone else so their thoughts become your thoughts or vice versa.

PETRA: How come you can be with some people and you can be next to them and your auras can be mixing and you don't feel their presence in your mind?

THERRY: Shields.

PETRA: Then how come you wouldn't be shielded from certain people?

THERRY: I won't talk anymore on shields.

PETRA: I didn't expect that to be the answer. I thought they knew how to do something that I wasn't aware of, that they're actually entering my mind, but that's not true if it's auras. Or is it true? I guess they may be experimenting with other things in order to project their aura.

THERRY: I could give you "A" for nice try!

PETRA: Alright. Well, these are all that were on here. There's one more thing that I was thinking about. I'll turn the tape off for one more second. [Pause] I got one of them anyway. [Laugh] Uhm. Ahh, I got both of them. One...I just wanted to know if things were accurate or not, but there were two things that happened to me these past couple of months. And ah, one of them was after you told me not to wear that medicine bag on me, but that I could carry it in my pocket and I wondered why and you didn't tell me why. Well, I got the communication a few days later that this was uhmmm representing the Universe and the other thing represented Earth and it wasn't wrong to have a medicine bag and you had said that too because the things that are in there, if I wanted...'cause I had gotten some of them from my meditation or at least I thought I had.

THERRY: Let me ask you a question that will answer that question.

PETRA: Okay.

THERRY: What do you use the medicine bag for?

PETRA: Uhm, for protection and some other things.

THERRY: Which is better protection, the power that created the whole Universe or the power that creates a few feathers and a few suns?

PETRA: The power that created the whole Universe.

THERRY: Oh, okay.

PETRA: So that was an accurate interpretation that you don't put...the reason you told me not to wear it was because that's honoring something lower and you don't put something lower above something higher? But it's still not wrong...

THERRY: That chain is a far bigger and far more powerful medicine bag than a little cloth bag filled with stones and crystals and whatever.

PETRA: The other things that they can be used for that I was told was that they're symbols that can guide your mind for certain interactions.

THERRY: Yeah but then so can the chain.

PETRA: Hmmm. And the other thing...

THERRY: You remember the laws and the things we told you when we gave you that chain?

PETRA: Uhm, this particular chain?

THERRY: No, chains period.