Arkashean Q&A Session -- 115

JOSE: Therry, what makes children change?

THERRY: The need for autonomy...Because they are fighting for autonomy, they are more willing to listen, they're more open, they're more willing to hear something new. They're more actively seeking something new. They're already so tired about the bullshit that establishment has already been feeding them. And believe it or not, they're beginning to realize that they're not plants. They don't live on bullshit. So now they need something more, something more substantial, something for the lack of a cornier word, something divine.

JOSE: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Something to act as a spark from which they can build a new identity, a new equality. Well, not all the womanhood is following the same path. Some are going into the negative side of autonomy, they're going into what could easily be called "man-haters." So they blame all male energy for the plight that they're in. So after awhile they'll learn. But others on the other hand, are more sensible in the realization that it is not the male or the female that must rule. It is an equal balance, it is wisdom itself that must rule. And because of that they're more willing to search out wisdom and they're not all concerned where the wisdom comes from. They will accept it just as much as males, just as much from females, because it is the wisdom that's important. And when they do find it, it's only natural that they should introduce this to their life's partner. It has always, always been that way, that women have always been more open than males. That's what the legends of the Garden of Eden is all about. It is the woman who educated the man in the garden and thus they had to leave the innocence of darkness, because once they gained the apple, they became more enlightened. And it is the political dogma of Christianity who took that and twisted it and made it perverse. Woman have always matured faster than men have and therefore their thinking process was more open to spirituality before men were. Does that explain why it's not a coincidence that usually it is women who introduces things to men? Of course, it's not a blanket statement that it's always that way. But as a rule, in terms of the high spirituality of it, a great deal of the time, it is the woman who introduces it to the man.

GUY: This would also perhaps explain that they're more interested in all these theories stuff, all the levels and things and more closer to the ground.

THERRY: The man is more interested in satisfying his urges, so the man is usually a few years behind the woman.

GUY: Yeah.

THERRY: But once the male takes hold , he begins growing just as quickly as the female did. So you can't say that the woman is smarter than the man and you can't say that the man is smarter than the woman. It all depends on the game that they chose to play. The same way there are some men who will never learn, so too there are some women who will never learn.

GUY: Yeah.

MANDY: Does it relate to the idea of women being more intuitive than men?

THERRY: Yeah, it's related to that. Most males will fight that like crazy.

MANDY: Fight that idea?

THERRY: Yeah. Most males can't accept the fact that a woman might be more intuitive, more sensitive. But then, most males are idiots anyway.

MANDY: [Chuckle] I'm glad you said it.

THERRY: [Chuckle] Hey, it's the truth! They are very few young men who are worth more than their excessive egos.

GUY: You mean beside me?

THERRY: [Chuckle] Right.

GUY: Ahhh! Thank you. When are we coming back?

THERRY: You left yourself wide open. I could've been funny and said, No, no, No. I said, "Young men." [Chuckle]

GUY: [Laugh]

THERRY: We old farts are already super at passing.

GUY: It's funny, you know, what helps me to get tired of all these discussions, like I said the other day...actually it didn't happen yet...again I mean. Uhhh, it's the fact that I take all the discussions that we have's not that I take it for granted but I know that, you know, I assimiliated it so I don't feel the need to hear about it, again and again and again.

THERRY: Yeah, but you have to bear in mind that not everybody has assimiliated the knowledge. To some people, again and again and again, makes it possible for them to open brand new doors.

GUY: Yeah.

THERRY: It's like that commercial about cornflakes, take them again for the first time.

GUY: No, I understand but...Okay, but at the same time I feel like, what else do I want to know and I have no questions.

THERRY: That's because you're not looking to change your life.

GUY: Yeah.

THERRY: You're quite satisfied on the level where you're at.

GUY: Uh-hmmm.

THERRY: Life is pretty good for you.

GUY: Yeah, that's true.

THERRY: For many women and for many other men, it's not the same. They're looking for ways of changing their lives.

GUY: I feel like I have a few things to change too. And I'm seeing that you're instilling in me the possibility to, you know, wail. [Low bawling noise] Happy people are boring.

THERRY: Not always, it depends on what you have in common with them.

GUY: This was kind of a joke.

MANDY: We're talking today, about if Karma is trying to teach you a lesson. Suppose you hate somebody and its teaching you to Understand, Forgive and Love. Once you've reached the Understanding, Forgiveness and Love, does it continue to keep trying to teach you the lesson, so to speak? You know what I mean? Okay, let's see if I can phrase it right. We're trying to learn, Understand, Forgive and Love, is there any kind of time limit involved in that. Is it set up so that it will take this amount of years to learn it? Or is it pretty much up to you how short or how long it takes you to learn it?

THERRY: Depends on how much Free Will you have. In any case...

MANDY: Free Will to understand things you mean?

THERRY: Uh-huh. If you're a slow learner, it's going to take you longer. If you have very strong emotions towards certain subject matters related to freedoms, it's going to take you much longer.

MANDY: But that's still basically up to you then? It's not like you can't learn it quicker than a predestined amount of time?

THERRY: Correct.

MANDY: Okay.

THERRY: Now then, if within the course of affairs, you begin cycles which parallel what you're working on, you still have to finish those cycles. So from those...from that point of view, while the lesson itself that you originally started is finished, this parallel stuff has to continue.

MANDY: So what purpose is that, if it's not to teach any more?

THERRY: Because it's a game you got into.

MANDY: Game being the people cycle? Just as simple as that?

THERRY: Let's say that you and Guy have to separately work on hating your parents.

DONNA: In what, sorry?

MANDY: Hating your parents.

THERRY: In order to learn those lessons, let's say the two of you get married and have children.

GUY: For example...

THERRY: Okay. Then let's say you're finished. You no longer hate your parents, you understand because now you've become the parent yourself, so you understand the difficulty. At that point, the lesson originally stops, but you still have a child, so the game doesn't stop until the child is grown up and on his own.

MANDY: Oh I see what you're saying. The pawns don't just disappear once you've learnt the lesson.

THERRY: Exactly.

MANDY: Okay. Did you want to ask anything more about that?

PEGGY: No. You mean I can't make time disappear after I've done?

THERRY: Correct. It doesn't matter how hard you try, when you're finished you can't make time disappear.


THERRY: He has to get up and walk out.

PEGGY: What was that other thing that was driving me crazy? The thing last night you said.

MANDY: [Laugh] There's something else I want to talk about, but it's not time. PEGGY: Did I miss that? You mean all that talk today, did I miss that? It's the predestined things that stop because there's no longer a reason.

MANDY: No, no, I was saying that it's not a set amount of time and it' won't learn it for this date so to speak. I mean, it's up to you how slow or how fast you learn it.

PEGGY: I didn't know you were talking about an actual date. I thought you were talking about the predestined conditions which would then not happen.

MANDY: No, I was talking about the time.

THERRY: But it still ends up the same.

MANDY: It's pretty much up to you.

THERRY: It still ends up the same in terms of, once the deed has been...once you've learnt the lesson, the Predestiny that was involved has fulfilled itself, it just dissipates and it goes over to Free Will.

PEGGY: Oh, so then, so then, that's right then. You were just saying that, you think that predestined conditions would no longer happen.

THERRY: It's not a case of it no longer happened. It's a case that it's no longer there. They will have dissipated into Free Will because the lesson had been learnt.

PEGGY: Oh okay, I see. Okay. Then that's what you meant about time?

MANDY: No, the thing was how quickly or how slowly you learn the lesson, is up to you. It's not a preset like you're not going to learn it before this date January 15th, 2274. I mean it's up to you how fast or how slow you learn it.

PEGGY: Okay.

THERRY: Well, it's up to you only with reference to what's in your Karma.

MANDY: Okay, what does that mean?

THERRY: Remember there's a gang between wisdom and mobility. Knowledge, wisdom and mobility are all ganged together. If that gang is not too in your favor, it can force you to become a very slow learner.

MANDY: By forcing you to become a slow learner, you can't learn any faster than...

THERRY: You become like that lion.

MANDY: You just don't get it, you don't get it, you don't get it.

THERRY: Right.

MANDY: But is that you choosing to do that, so to speak?

THERRY: No, it's the...

MANDY: Can you wake up one day and smell the roses, so to speak?


MANDY: Okay.

THERRY: But you won't wake up until a predetermined amount of time has passed.

PEGGY: See we're back there again!

MANDY: Yeah, so now we're back...Yeah. It seems like it's contradictory.

THERRY: No, because the statement is, it's up to the Free Will that's involved. To the degree that you have Free Will, to that degree will it go quickly. To the degree that it is ruled by Predestiny, to that degree a specific amount of time will have passed.

MANDY: Why would there need to be a specific amount of time? Like I mean, why can't you learn it in a day instead of a week or whatever? You know, I mean...

THERRY: Because perhaps Predestiny wants you to learn more than just one thing. Perhaps Predestiny wants you to stew for awhile.

MARK: But isn't there also the karmic debt of , let's say, you hated your parents for twenty (20) years. Would you have to do twenty (20) years worth of learning?

THERRY: It's quite possible, yes. Not because of the time, as much as because of the volume of hate that was there.

MARK: So however much, uhhh. How ever many years of debts that you put in the bank, that's going to add up to a certain amount of hate or a certain amount of whatever it is?

MANDY: Well, it's not so much the years, it's the intensity of it.

THERRY: Remember the law? It takes at least ten (10) times the amount of pain to get out of something as it took the pleasure to get into it?

MANDY: But that doesn't necessarily mean time? Like you said, if you hated somebody for twenty (20) years, if you hate someone...I mean, if you steal that pain in a shorter span of time, but at the same intensity then that's okay too? I mean you don't have to learn for too long?

THERRY: It has to do with volume.

MANDY: With...?

THERRY: Volume, intensity, degree. And the amount of harm that is done because of it.

MARK: But it's pretty unlikely that you could fit twenty (20) years of pain in a two-week period?

THERRY: Hell, you haven't visited my laboratories yet, have you?

MARK: [Chuckle] Nah!

THERRY: Did you ever live a night that seems forever.

MANDY: [Chuckle]

THERRY: They're worth millions of years.

PEGGY: Is it one of those things that is possible but improbable that you would do it in such a lesser span of time?


PEGGY: So it is possible but it's not likely, right? 'Cause it's...

THERRY: It's depends on, let's say, for instance, you hated your folks for twenty (20) years and then suddenly you began to realize and then boom! You realize you begin to start working on not hating anymore. Then the time-span will be much shorter. But let's say that you hated your folks for twenty years and then you began seeing, but yeah, I don't care. He was a mother ducker! I just want him to suffer more. Well, he's not the one suffering. You are.

MANDY: So then it comes back to your attitude, basically.

THERRY: Yeah. Remember, the law? "You can use the greatness of your heart to forgive another, in so doing it is not they who are forgiven, it is you. Karma forgives nothing."

MANDY: And then...

THERRY: There's also that part where if when you realize and understand and you no longer...and you decide to no longer hate, if you just have it so that, ehhh it's nonchalant, then you're increasing your time. But if you feel sad within yourself, not because you don't hate any more, but you've actually done harm to someone, unjustly. Well, the feeling of true penance within yourself, out of love, not out of fear of pain, but out of love, I mean that cuts the time extremely short.

MANDY: Feeling bad about you did? What about if the resentment you were carrying, the person never knew that?

MARK: The person never what?

THERRY: Half the time they don't know about it anyway.

MANDY: So then, have you harmed them by, by...? If they weren't at the butt end of it, so to speak...?

THERRY: Sure they were. You don't live in a vacuum.

MANDY: Even if they weren't aware of it, they were still being affected by it?

THERRY: Look at the times that you're pissed of at your folks.

MANDY: Oh well, that? Yeah, but they know...they would know about it. I was thinking in terms of like someone from my childhood.

THERRY: Look at the times that you're pissed of at your folks and the times that they don't know about it. They'd know about it the next time you two meet because of the way you are.

MANDY: Right. But I was thinking specifically of someone from my childhood that I haven't seen in twenty (20) something years, you know, I mean it's...

THERRY: The only harm you committed is to yourself. And therefore the specie. All of that hate that you've put into the bank has to go someplace.