Harpy: Our Individual Teachers
(The Deamon that Drives Us Onward)

A discussion on how things are not always what they seem to be. The things we fear during our In Between Time might be the best friends we have during that uncertain time.

Heaven: A place to rest
(Is it really a reward for being good?)

A discussion on the many definitions of what "Heaven" might be for different people. An interesting note is how it is believed that each create his own illusion of the meaning of "Heaven" and then descends into that illusion when the time is right.

Hell Of One's Own Thoughts: The price for Individuality
(Do we really created it ourselves?)

A discussion on how it is language that controls our very thinking process. It speaks of how it is the power of language that creates and limits all of life's illusions, for weal or for woe. It speaks of the Ancient Magi of Lemuria's thoughts of the power of language.

Holy vs. Unholy: The Cry of Individualism
(Is it really good vs. bad?)

A discussion on how the two concepts [good and bad] can mean different things to different people. It speaks of how the words "good or bad" without specific limitations applied to them mean nothing says nothing limits not behavior. It speaks of self judgment as a way of brain-washing.

Honor: The value of truth
(The mark of worth)

A discussion on how the changing world around us makes it difficult to be stable, with respect to our own values. It speaks of how Honor is one of the three highest ventures that man can acquire in life... as a matter of fact, many think this acquisition is the reason why life exists upon the physical planes. The three virtues are believed to be Understanding, Forgiving, and Loving.

Hound Of Hell: An OtherWorld Teacher
(Is it good or evil?)

A discussion on the "The Brotherhood Of Man" and how man has the responsibility to save himself. It speaks of a special gift that comes from "The New Covenant." It speaks of how Man is not condemned to fall "out of grace" if Man does not wish to. It speaks of "Other-World" teachers who walk the earth while trying to aid any who are ready.