(Some Things Can Never Be Forgiven)

Oblivion is a discussion on the process of The Descent into an illusion of our own makings. It seeks to teach that the only route to freedom from the trap of Maya is through the understanding of the laws of our illusions. It touches upon the subjects of: 1. The Elemental, 2. Banishments, 3. The curse of Living Forever.

(The Mirror Of Man)

Osiris is a short discussion on an ancient Egyptian myth of the Creation of Man, The TwinSpecies: Human. It speaks of the first war... the war that leads to the first murder. It speaks of The Three Graces-- Isis, the giver of the thread of Life; Anubis, the cutter of the thread of Life... the ending of all false illusions; and Ptoh, the guardian of the quality and quantity of the thread of Life (Ptoh has many faces to Man-- some know Ptoh as The Affinity Factor, while others know Ptoh as Karma, still others know Ptoh as The Laws Of Cause & Effect); It speaks of the first judgment of Man when Osiris was murdered by his brothers' lust for his throne, and was restored to life when Isis gave herself to the Gods and became a Goddess over the dominion of the spell of Life.

OtherWorld Teachers
(Angels or Daemons)

OtherWorld Teachers is a discussion that indirectly speaks of the gift to Man whose power comes from the New Covenant. It also, indirectly speaks of Man's In Between Time during the death process. It speaks of when the Ancient Ones walked the Earth. It speaks of the two sides of life... of LightWorkers... of attachments that seek to prevent an individual from passing into the next destined experience. It speaks of an individual's self judgment that leads to Reincarnation or Oblivion.