Language: The Power To Think
(The Communication Link To Awareness)

A discussion on the true nature of the power of language. It speaks of how it is our ability for language that gives us the ability to create all that we have. It states that language does not get its power because it is a tool which Man uses to communicate to his God, to his environment, and to others of his kind -- while it is true this communication is important, it is not the most important. Language gets its true power because it is the only tool which Man has to communicate to himself.

Law Of The Moment: The Tie That Binds
(The Unit Of Experience)

A discussion on how reality is changed moment by moment by the needs of the situation that is at hand. Among the many laws that are given, it states that the first law of illusion governs us according to the following: It is "The World of Illusion" which is the driving force for "Reality;" and, within that reality, it is the level of observation which creates the phenomenon; and, within each phenomenon, it is the law of the moment which dictates the needs of the situation which brings forth the stage upon which we play our games; and, within these games, it is the interaction between the needs and the acquired needs of The Law Of The Moment which determines the roles we play in any given life; and, during any given life, it is the needs and the acquired needs of our dreams, of our hopes, and of our desires that will determine the interaction of the Six Points Of Power over our emotions within any given Illusion; and, with the satisfaction of our illusions, The Magic Circle is fulfilled upon that level of experience.

Levels: The Fabric That Allows Life To Exist
(Much Like An Onion?)

A discussion on the patterns which creation takes. It speaks of the levels of being awake... the differing levels of what we wish to call being asleep... or, are the two simply two different sides of the same door?

LifeForce: The Matrix For MindForce
(The law which allows for the creation of physical Matter)

A discussion on the matrix... on the very patterns that created the cradle within which life became possible.

Life-Form's Continuum: Is Planet Earth Alive?
(Must Life, itself, have form?)

A discussion of the nature of life, and the limitations which modify the ability to have life. It speaks of the six aspects that go in the determination of a life-form, if we are to recognize that form as being alive. It states that: "It is said that each sets the limits of his own truths... that each pays homage to his own thought's desire above all other truths. It is written that when Karma seeks balance for the whole species, each must give way, regardless of the truth that rules the moment. If I know and accept this as the first truth, why then do I cry so loudly when the first truth forbids me my desires of separation from the whole... Can I not separate myself from the whole... from myself?"

Love: That I might belong... even to myself
(The Presence Of The Universe)

A discussion on how Man only has five emotions with which to experience. The five basic emotions are:

Lost Tribe: Destiny Rules
(Was It Really Lost?)

A discussion of how one of the 13 tribes from the land of Hebren departed Egypt, and in so doing escaped slavery.