Illusion: A Duality At Work
(A difference in "Time", or a difference in "Space")

A discussion on how it is the world of illusions that is the driving force for our realities. It speaks of the bubble within a bubble, within a bubble patterns of our illusions-- our reality. It speaks of how males are affected by the illusion of time and space differently than are females. It speaks of the true nature of our reality-- 50% real and 50% illusion.

Infinity Factor: Continuity Of Existence
(Limits within Time, Limits within Space)

A discussion of what makes Karma do what it does. It speaks of how man often mistakes reality for illusion and illusion for reality. It speaks of how our lives are run by cycles of events that have, sometime not even happened yet. It speaks of how our lives are controlled by more than just one type of time-- by more than just one type of space.

Insanity: A Place To Hide
(The loss of reference points)

A discussion on how man uses and views what they call "Insanity". It speaks of how "insanity" or "sanity" is controlled or modified by The Law Of The Moment. It speaks of the difference between insanity and responsibility-- Is "Insanity" just a lie?

Interaction vs. Intra-action: A point of view
(The Double Path Of Communication)

A discussion on the difference between sharing with someone and going on a private power-trip. It speaks of the five laws that govern the difference between the two. It speaks of the "Six Points Of Power" and their opposites.

Isis: Truly, The GrandMother of Life
(The Union between LifeForce and MindForce)

A discussion on how Man believes Isis to be the "Mother" of life. It speaks of the God-Head of creation:
2. GreatForce;
3. Conductivity;
4. Receptivity;
5. Frequency -- and how this God-Head is a part of the great river of life.

Intro to Karma
(Predestiny vs.Freewill)

A short discussion (on the introductory level), discussing just how Karma, Predestiny, and Freewill are related.